The IP address is registered by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. It is a part of a private network. IP addresses are specifically unique numbers that are not given to any particular organization or a user but rather in use by routers. These IP addresses are legally in use without the consent of an Internet Registry of a particular region. IP addresses are also called “Default Gateway IP” in the standard language.

A Router is a device that forms a local area network that serves as the connecting link between your device and the Internet. To be able to make changes in your router settings, you need to log in to your admin page, and then you can make the necessary changes.

All these necessary changes include changing the WiFi name and WiFi password and adding or removing parental controls.

How To Login Into The IP Address?

Know how to log into the IP address by following these steps

  1. First and foremost, make sure of your Router’s IP address. 
  2. Get hold of an internet-capable device that has a connection to the Internet. You can use your smartphone or laptop, or PC or tablet, or anything that you have or wish to use. There is no rule regarding which device you should use.
  3. Connect to the Internet and then browse any browser. There are plenty of options, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. After opening the browser, use the search box to type  Don’t mistype your IP address, as this will redirect you to a completely different page. After that, hit enter, and you will be automatically taken to the login page.
  4. You will see two boxes named username and password and then the login option. Fill in the username and password and hit log in. You will be then given access to the homepage of the router admin page.
  5. Make sure you are in connection with a stable network; if your connection is weak or unstable, it may create some hindrance to loading the page or saving the settings.

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What To Do If You Couldn’t Remember The Password? 

Most people don’t care to change the username and password throughout. In such cases, you can always log back using the default username and password. But if you have changed the password, you need to log in using the new password.

In case you don’t remember the password, you can reset the Router.

You will find a little hole on the back or the bottom of the Router. You might need a toothpick to fit into the hole to press that button. Press and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds. After that, your Router will automatically reset back to default factory settings.

router reset

You can find the default login details at the base or the back of the Router.

Once you find the default username and password, log in using the default username and password in the IP address.

How To Troubleshoot Router Errors?

Let’s look at some of the common router errors and how to troubleshoot them

Check The Router Lights

Check all the lights, whether or not they are properly working. Even if one light is not blinking, there may be some internal router problem.

check the router lights

Along with the status of the lights, the color of the lights also matters. To know the general working status of the Router, check the instruction manual provided along with the Router while logging into the IP address

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Check The Cables

Keep an eye on the cables moving to and fro from the Router.

check the cables

Check whether they are properly plugged in or loosely plugged in. Also, check whether or not the cables are old and need to be replaced.

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Make Sure The Antenna Of The Router Is Positioned Vertically

The antenna should not be in a horizontal or slanty position but should only be kept vertically upwards. Only then your Router will work properly, and you will be in connection to a steady and stable network.

antenna of the router is positioned vertically

To learn how to log in to the Asus Router using similar IP addresses, click here.


Check whether the Router has good ventilation or not. Check the temperature of the Router. If it gets too hot, switch it off for some time. This may help the Router to get back to the default position.


Make sure the Router is properly in place, and there is proper airflow. Overheating can damage the Router, so make sure it is not overheated.


Rebooting will solve many of the problems relating to network connectivity issues while logging into the IP address.


The rebooting step is quite simple, Switch off the main switch of the Router, unplug the cables, wait for some time, and then plug it in. This will reboot the Router.

If you have redistributed the network, make sure it is redistributed properly. There should not be such situations as feedback or routing loops. What you can do to avoid it is by not having redistribution at all.

Check for the subnet command while redistributing OSPF.

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List Of Popular Brands Using As Their Login IP

IP addresses are in use by more than one Router as their login IP. Some popular brands which use the IP address as their login IP are:

Username: cisco

Password: cisco

Username: admin

Password: admin


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The IP address is in use for wireless routers and modems that help you connect to the Internet. The IP address is mostly used by brands like TRENDnet and Cisco. But, it should not be misunderstood that this is the only standard IP used by routers for login. There are various IP addresses, such as,,, etc.

Most often, the people who use the Router in their office organization or home are seldom aware of the IP address of their Router. The reason behind such a lack of knowledge is that you require the IP address only while setting up the Router. This is always the work of experts and technicians. So no use arises for them to know the IP address like the IP address. And thus, they remain ignorant.

But at times, when you have to change certain settings such as WiFi name, password, and parental settings, you will require the IP address to log into the router admin page.

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