The internet can do many marvellous things for us, from sending a simple tweet to huge online transactions. Everything today is one click away from us. Due to the internet, every sector has made countless advancements and upgrades. Take the agriculture industry; there was a rise in startups that delivered groceries to your doorstep. Or the entertainment industry, where it facilitated streaming. Netflix, Spotify, Prime Video, or Hulu, thank the internet for all those! It has given rise to a versatile list of sectors that are not going anywhere anytime soon. This article is basically about IPs, specifically

Many companies have focused on quenching the internet’s thirst for the general public and profiting from it. The most significant developments in this sector are today’s SIM cards and routers/modems. Sim cards let us use the internet and have much more to offer. But you might not know that routers have more in them, too! You can modify the settings of a router to avail the best services.192168123254 login

Basic knowledge is that every router is allotted an IP like every other device. Be it a mobile phone or a pen drive. This IP is the abbreviated form of the Internet Protocol address. It is a unique number identifying the device seeking permission for data when surfing the web. is one such commonly used IP. Prominent brands use it for their routers.

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How do I log in to the IP?

Sometimes, you might want to change the name and passcode of your WiFi. Or maybe change the parental controls? Well, there’s no need for a professional to be able to do that! Go through the following steps to log onto your router’s user panel.

 1. To begin, connect your router to your computer or laptop. You can connect it to your computer via a LAN or wired ethernet. However, a wired connection is a good choice. Check to verify if the lights on the router have turned on once it has been connected.router to laptop

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 2. Then, go to a web browser of your choice. After that, accurately type into your browser’s address bar. Ensure you haven’t overlooked anything or missed any digits or periods.

 3. If all of the preceding steps are done correctly, you’ll be able to see a prompt on your PC. This prompt will ask you for your login credentials. You’ll be directed to the user interface if you enter both the user ID and the passcode right.


You may locate your user ID & passcode for your router at the base or back of your router if you don’t remember them. These credentials are also available on the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, you might consult the router’s handbook, which you received when you bought it.

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Shown below is a list of the most frequently used combinations of user ID & passcode for IP


What to do if I forget the router’s user ID & passcode?

It is common for everyone not to memorize the passwords of all their accounts. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Tinder! Since we have many other things to take care of, it’s almost impossible to remember the login credentials of our router. But there’s no need to worry! Go through the steps mentioned below, and you can log in again.

resetting router

Begin by locating a tiny hole behind your router. Take something similar to a safety pin or a toothpick. Then, push it in the hole and hold it that way for thirty seconds. As soon as you do that, the router will restart by itself. Then, you can log in again by typing in your web browser. For a detailed explanation, refer to the topic given above.

This will work. But if it doesn’t, there is another method to make it work. Perform the tasks mentioned above. After that, detach the cables of the router from the PC and hold for thirty seconds. Then, replug and keep the button pressed for thirty more seconds.

How do I Troubleshoot Router Errors?

Once in a while, your router might not function correctly or might give you some errors. But don’t worry! Here are some troubleshooting router errors that will help you eliminate these issues.

  • Connection Problem: Check your router’s connection to the PC. See if the lights on the router are blinking/turned on. Most users overlook this issue.
  • Wrong IP: As easy as it may appear, many people ignore this problem. Check if you typed into the URL bar accurately and without errors. You may have lost the periods or zeroes; double-check.
  • Forgotten Credentials: If you can’t remember your user ID or passcode, swipe up to discover how to re-enter your information.
  • Reboot the router: This might sound non-technical, but can solve your router problems. Turn the router’s power off, and turn it on again after some time!
  • Firewall Settings: On rare occasions, the firewall settings on your PC might not allow PC access to the internet. Please turn it off and try once again.

These solutions will solve most of the router’s problems.

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Some of the Famous Router Companies that use as Login IP: is not the conventional IP that is used today.

router brands

Dozens of others use this IP as well. But some famous router companies using are 4G Systems, Asante, and LevelOne.


Is the WiFi password visible?

Select the Network and Sharing Center after opening the panel. Click Wireless Properties after clicking the network name you are currently logged into. Lastly, click Security in the Network Properties window range.

What is the IP 192.168 8.1 user admin?

Many home routers frequently utilize as their default gateway IP address. The login to access the router's administrative interface is admin. Users often use admin as the router's default login. Still, the password should be set at first setup for security reasons.

What is the admin username?

A unique account name helps to avail the administrative interface of a device or service, such as a router or network device, is called the admin username, sometimes known as the administrator username. Hence, you may configure it to manage the settings and safety. However, it is set by the device owner at the initial setup.

Is 192.168 my IP address?

The IP address '192.168' is not the one you are using. This IP address space is set aside for usage by private local networks. Hence, devices connected to your local network, such as routers, are given distinct IP addresses within this range for internal communication and network management.


We now know that is a private IP address. Therefore it’s evident that it is safe. When you ask a website for information, it identifies your device’s public IP address and responds. This is why public IP addresses are considered to be insecure.

Now, you must know how to handle any problems related to your router. You don’t need any technician’s help at this point. You can guess it out by yourself and mend any and every issue.

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