The IP address is a string of 4 segments of numbers. Every segment has a value between 0 and 255, which means that every segment has a total of 256 distinct configurations possible. All the IP addresses are unique, and is one of the 17.9 million private addresses. is the online assigned numbers that are treated as a private address. Commonly it is used as the default IP address by Netgear and D-link for local router configuration. The company already predefines this address. However, we can manually change this by making use of the network router’s administrative console. Furthermore, you can get access to this IP address by typing in the search bar of your default browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox). 19216801 without the dots is just a number so be careful and always type correct IP address in your browser i.e. “”. 

NOTE: Don’t misunderstand number ‘0’ for lowercase letter ‘o’ or number ‘1’ with lowercase letter ‘l’. For eg: 192.168.o.1, 192.168.l.0, 192.168.0.l, 192.168.l.0.1, 192.168 o 0.1, 192.168.l, 198.168 l 0, www. and 192.168 l 0.1 are wrong ways to access this IP address and your browser will give you error display

In our blog, we also have listed other common IP Addresses such as:

This is the address for many of the leading router service providers like Asus, Time Warner, Arris, and many more like these. It provides the ability to the users to make a connection between their devices and the Router. You need to enter the default username as well as the Password.

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How To Login Into

Always make sure that your corresponding address should be accurate with all the digits and points in it. 

  1. Make a wired or wireless connection between your PC or laptop with the Router. The connection must be proper, and no cables or plugs should be loose.
  2. Go to in your browser. Sometimes it might not work in a particular browser application. Try changing the browser or upgrade it to the newest version. Also don’t confuse with, these both are completely different.
  3. Once the login page is there, enter your username and follow but the Password to run the Router. A fault might appear if any of the two credentials is not correct.
  4. Entering the correct username and password combination would then take you to the admin panel where you would be able to modify and change the internet settings.

Note: If the username or password is not working, try entering ‘Admin’ in both the columns as this is the default credential for the major of the routers. Otherwise, consider referring the guide which comes along with the Router. It will have all the major and minor details about the working of the Router. 

This will provide you access to the server. 0nce logged in, you can change the password at your convenience. This also enables you to change various settings of the Router, like blocking guest networks, establishing several enhanced profiles, and getting the main server access.

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How To Find The Router’s Username And Password

Sometimes the Router denies access due to the wrong Username or Password. In this case, you can execute a Hard Reset that will set your Router to its factory default configuration. You can perform the hard reset action by pressing a small button at the back of the Router and plug in.

resetting method
resetting method

This means you can find the default username and Password from the manual of the Router with as the IP Address or can google it by searching the routers model number and other details. You can change the Password later on as per requirement. Moreover, this is important for security purposes. For instance, you forget your password. You can easily reset the Router back to default settings. This includes hard rebooting the Router. Sometimes the server might show login error in spite of the correct credentials. Then you have to restart the Router as it might occur due to technical issues.  

Popular Router Brands Using This IP

Different Routers have their individual addresses and details. These get to the login page to connect to the main server. Without the correct IP Address, you are not authorize to get yourself to connect to the Router. They transmit the router signal at a defined frequency so that various routers can be distinguished from each other. Some of the router brands that use as their IP address are as follows:

  • AmbiComzte
  • Askeyaskey
  • Card Kingking
  • Maxonmaxon
  • QNAPqnap
  • Sprintsprint
  • TP-Linktp link
  • ZTEzte

Some of them might have an alternate IP Address along with the stated one Also, we need to make sure that the Router supports the corresponding address type. Otherwise, it would show an error while running the software. Many service providers might also use alternative addresses. So you might consider using those if the main address doesn’t work.  

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What is the Wi-Fi password for the admin?

The most common default login and password combination for routers is frequently ‘admin’ for both the username and password. Nevertheless, it's important to note that these credentials can differ depending on the specific router manufacturer.

Does Wi-Fi have an IP address?

Yes, they do. Mobile devices actively initiate requests, whether connected through Wi-Fi or cellular networks. When connected to a Wi-Fi network, each requesting device actively acquires the IP address of the Wi-Fi router. As a result, all users sharing the same Wi-Fi connection actively have the same IP address.

Can two devices have the same IP?

In network configurations, it's crucial to note that only one device should share the same IP address unless a NAT (Network Address Translation) device is in place. Specifically, routers actively facilitate communication between computers and devices outside their designated logical subnet.

What's the DNS name assigned to me?

In your Windows taskbar's search bar, type ‘Cmd.’ Then, enter the command ‘ipconfig/all’ into your Command Prompt and press Enter. Now, you need to find the field labeled ‘DNS Servers.’ The first address indicates the primary DNS server, and the following address functions as the secondary DNS server.

Conclusion is one of several IP addresses used by the routers to provide their identification on a network. If you have a router that uses this IP address, you can easily login through the corresponding username and Password. Once log into, you have the authority to change any router settings as per your requirement. There should be no extra disturbances in the area of Router. To get the maximum output from your device, you must follow these important dos and don’ts.

IP Addresses are very important, and it is the basic component to get your device connected to the server. Even several PCs could be connected at the same time, and the data packets could be shared with them in no time. This is vital in today’s Tech Era and the first step towards making everyone connected to each other.

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