Admin Login, Password And IP [Complete Guide]

The Internet is instilled in the very heart of our being. The reliance on the internet for our work daily is ubiquitous. The internet is used to enhance the function of the devices we use. This is where the introduction of a router is done. A router is a gateway that links the various methods to the internet and other networks. It passes data among computer networks. Every device has an IP address, giving it a unique identification. In this article, we will be learning about IP Address.

An IP address (i.e., Internet Protocol) is a unique string of numbers separated by full stops that identify each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network. It serves two purposes: host or network interface identification and location addressing. An IP address is to a device what coordinates (longitudes and latitudes) are to a specific global location. A router examines a data packet’s destination IP address and sends it after computing the best way to make it reach its destination. It uses IP packets to send and receive information from the internet or other devices. Let us know more about IP Address.

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IP Address

IP Address is one that is used to access the admin panel of routers. Type in your browser’s address bar, and you will get access to the admin panel of your router. This is a standard IP for routers. But it is not the only one. There are many more are unanimously worldwide standards like, or that the World accepts. They are Default Gateway IP.

There are two types of IP addresses: public and private. is an individual IP address. The advantage of having a private IP address is that it is accessible to only those devices connected to that network.

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How To Login Into IP

It’s a simple process. Follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  •  Ensure that you have a stable internet connection from your router.
  • Open your browser using any PC, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.
  •  Put in the IP address into the address bar. You will be led to the login page for the admin panel.
  •  It will require your login credentials. Every router comes with a specific username and password. You will be able to identify a mark on your router or in the box which carries the login ID or the model number. You can search the default credentials on Google, using the model number.
router login
router login


  • After entering the credentials as asked, open the settings window. Make any changes that you want to do and configuration. Make sure you save the changes before leaving your browser.
  • If you are not sure of your password or you ran into a wrong match on your password, you can just reset to the factory setting of the modem. The default username and password for the device IP are usually set as “admin” or blank entries sometimes. Most of the routers use these credentials for their default factory settings.

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What’s The Purpose Of Getting Into The Router Admin Panel?

The router comes with default factory settings. If you desire to change the network name, you will have to access the settings page of the router. For this, you must log in to the admin panel of the router first and, subsequently, change the settings. Similarly, any desired changes in the login credentials, including the username and the password, can only be done through the settings. You may even change the default of the IP address into a new one. You can do this by getting into the router admin panel.
What is my Router’s IP Address?

Up till now, we have assumed that you know your router’s IP address If you want to access your router admin panel, you need it’s IP address. There are two ways you can find out:

  1. You can identify it from the box or the router.
  2.  You can also define it through the device you are using.
  • Type in “cmd” in the search bar.
  • Select the command prompt.
  • Enter in “ipconfig” when the new command window pops up.
  • They will also show a list of network addresses.
  • You will find your router’s IP address beside the Default Gateway.

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Troubleshooting Router Issues

The routers that use the IP address as are used in small networks such as homes. Although, people can erroneously mistype the IP . There might be some confusion. An incorrect IP address can lead the way to problems while logging in. Thus, it is imperative to type in the correct IP address.

Router Issues
Router Issues

There may be situations where multiple devices use the same IP address. Only one device must be allotted this IP address to avoid such cases of different IP addresses.
You must resolve hardware related issues of the router. You should ensure a stable internet connection.

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This was it about the IP address We really hope e have provided you everything you need to know about it. Let us know how useful this article was to you in the comments section below.

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