This bunch of numbers you can see is what we will learn about today: 132.1:68.1.108. This series of numbers is known as an IP (internet protocol) address. 

So, IP addresses are just like our home addresses. We can get in touch with somebody only if we know their address. Have you ever wondered how the internet knows to which computer it needs to send the information? It is no magic. All of that is made possible by IP addresses at the core. Every computer has its unique IP address, through which it is distinguishable and identifiable. ip

The four IP series sets are, therefore, split into two halves. From left to right, the first two components. This is known as network addresses. Host/device addresses are the names of the latter regions. Eight binary bits represent each number in this string of integers. So, each piece is OCTET. It draws inspiration from octal. There are 8 bits. You need to be grateful for the thought that went into it. Now that we have covered the classes let me tell you about this address. So, let us get right to it.

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Answering All About

The first three bits are 132, so this IP comes under the class B IPv4 addresses. It takes 16 bits. These IPs, and, are different IP addresses; don’t confuse them.

You are aware that a location may be determined from an IP address. That is how the cops locate criminals by tracking the addresses of their devices.

This one has French origins and is governed by the “Commissariat an I’Energie Atomique.” It is a research facility that the government of the Rhone-Alpes region manages and finances.

It deals in IT-related technologies, army and defence resources, health-related studies, etc.

IP Address
IP Address

This IP address is a static private IP address as a government body privately owns it. These kinds of lessons don’t change, unlike the dynamic ones, which can change time (it is very unlike). This government body must have bought it by paying a specific sum.

Huge organizations, MNCs, and institutions require Static IP addresses like owned by one.

So what you should be asking is:

Why Do Such Big Organizations Require Separate IP Addresses?

It is not without reason that more substantial organizations and companies require IP addresses. There are two primary reasons I can think of:

  1. Only one IP address can allotted to an organization. But many devices, for their proper working, require IP addresses.
  2. As internet users keep increasing by two folds, the public IP addresses are insufficient. ip addresses

Therefore, may also be used to view the router’s settings, just like other IP addresses. Let us see how you can do it.

How Can You log in to

The login procedure involves several stages. It will make it easy to read and understand. Here goes:

  • In the first step, open the browser, and in the search bar, type ““, press enter and wait to be directed to another page. Type the IP address with caution. Many users in a hurry type these 132.168 108, 132.168 08, 132.168.08, 132 168 1 108, 132.168.108 or 132 168 108 8080, which are entirely wrong.
  • On the next page, you must fill in the credentials. Do that and press enter to go on. If you don’t remember the password, try logging in with the default one. login

If you don’t remember the default details, reset your router. There is a reset button at the back of every router.

  • After that, the administrative settings page will open; you can make the alterations you fancy here.

Note: Understand the number ‘1’ with the lowercase letter ‘l’ or the number’ 0′ with the letter ‘o’. E.g., 132.168.l.108, 132.168.l.l08 or HTTP 132.168 or 1.108  are invalid and wrong ways to access this IP address.

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What Is The Necessity Of Logging Into The Admin Settings?

The answer to this may sound like stating the obvious. There can be several reasons why you may want access to the router (or any IP address for that matter). There may be reasons for securing your device, proxy, and network settings.

It may associated with a government agency. So, there is a higher probability of hacking and other intruding activities. This makes it necessary for us to keep our security settings up-to-date.administrator

Even if there are no significant reasons, it can be as necessary as changing the name of your wifi for remembrance.

Simple Problems Related To And Even Simpler Cautions

There can be several problems or issues you may face while dealing with FTP// I also list some things to do to ensure these issues don’t occur or occur minimally.

Problems Related To
Problems Related To
  1. When wires are not connected, issues arise most frequently. Or, if you are using a wireless internet connection, it cannot connect properly. In these cases, tighten the wires and refresh your relationships.
  2. If there are any details related to the problem, reset your router and try again.
  3. Another common impediment in logging into this IP comes when you type the address, but nothing happens. What has gone wrong? 90 out of 100 times, you have not ordered the address correctly. Double-check your address before you hit enter.


What accomplishes utilizing a networking device's IP address for an admin login?

Using the admin login, you may access and modify settings on networking devices, including routers, switches, and access points. It's necessary to run your network, implement security measures, and adjust other features.

What are the advantages of altering the IP address used by default for admin login?

Changing the default admin login IP address less foreseeable for potential attackers can improve security. To prevent complications with network configuration, do it cautiously.

Is remote access to the admin login page secure?

Yes. If you use solid and distinctive passwords, enable two-factor authentication (if available), and maintain the device's firmware up to date, you can also protect remotely accessing the admin login interface. You can also use a VPN for secure remote access.

What dangers could arise if admin logins on networking equipment weren't secured?

Unauthorized access to your network settings due to unsecured admin login can cause security breaches, network configuration modifications, or service interruptions.


This was about IP address. This article is enough to solve all your doubts almost the same. Feel free to go through our site for more such solutions.

See Also: Admin Login, Password, and IP [Complete Guide]

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