One of the private router networks that are widely used is routers and modems. Also, these networks are not assigned to any specific organization. Anyone can use the web.  

With the coronavirus outbreak, it has become challenging for people to go out and work. Most businesses have started e-commerce as a result of this pandemic. As a result, people have been forced to buy their laptops, desktops, and, most importantly, Wi-Fi networks. 

Most of us have started using routers and modems to connect to the Internet. Moreover, we would have led to nowhere in the lockdown without WIFI. You have spent so much money on installing the wifi. However, do you know the specifications of your router? It is okay if you do not! This information is not always necessary, but it is better if you know about it. The reason why you should see some information about your router is that it helps to track the statistics of your router. Also, you must know this when you want to change your wifi password.

How To Log In IP Address?

Before anything else, you need to get into the network settings. How do you do that? You need to type in the search bar. And tada! The page is open.

ip login

After you get to this page, you will find two columns. The username column and the password will now need to be entered. 

You should enter that if you have a custom username and password for your router. Also, if you have not changed the default username and password, try the combinations in the table below.


Username Password
admin admin
admin password
admin (blank)
root (blank)
(blank) public
admin 1234
guest guest
admin 0000
user user
(blank) (blank)

These should work. If they do not, you need not worry. There is still a way to fix it. Read further to know what to do if the default user IDs and passwords do not help you.

What To Do If You Forget the Router’s Username And Password?

You do not need to worry when you find your router not logging in! It happens sometimes, and there are still ways to fix it. However, before we go further, you must do the following things.

Check The Official Website And Manual

The first thing you should check is the official website of the router brand. Also, you will find the default username and password on this site. If you cannot see it, move on to the following method.

You can also look at the router. The username and password are generally on the router’s or modem’s body, too! Look on the sides and below the router. There is a possibility that you will get your user ID and password there.

login sticker

Sometimes, you might also be able to locate the credentials in the manual of the modem or router. Read that carefully, too. You might get the password here as well.

Resetting Router

If none of the above works for you, you only have one option. You need to reset the password of the router. This is extremely easy to do.

First, locate a small button on the router. Also, note that the switch is tiny, and you will need a puny and thin object that can push the button. Please do not use any sharp object, or it will damage the controller. Try using a paperclip or a hairpin.

reset button

After you get the button, you only need to push it. Note that you need to do this when the router is plugged in. Push it and hold for about 30 seconds. Also, you will see the power button go off. Do not worry; this is precisely the procedure. You then have to hold the button until the lights turn back on. 

After the lights turn on, you are sure that the router that you have has been factory reset.

How To Troubleshoot Router Errors?

In this pandemic, every work done is done via the Internet. So, there is a chance that the router might give you a problem. So, you need not get worried if your wifi is having trouble. 

When you face an issue, you need to relax. The first thing you should do is wait for some time. Also, you need to give your wifi a little rest. Moreover, do not do anything to the wifi. Wait for an hour or so. The problem might get resolved on its own.

If the problem is not solved, you should switch the router’s power off. After doing this, you should wait for a couple of minutes. After this, you can switch it back on. The issue has to be fixed.

If none of this works, that is when you do the reset method.

Remember that you should only use the reset procedure if nothing else works. Also, you should always seek the help of a professional to reset your router. Moreover, this will not cause any problems.

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List of Popular Router Brands Using as IP

You are almost through with the basics of the router. Now, you must know about the types of routers that use this default IP address.

  1. D-Link
  2. Cisco
  3. NetGear
  4. Linksys


Can I change how the admin page looks or is set up?

Yes. The admin page's appearance can only be customized on most router types. However, the main emphasis is on establishing network settings rather than aesthetics.

What makes the admin login different from the wifi password?

While the admin login examines the router's settings and configuration, the wifi password is used to join devices to your wireless network. These qualifications are special.

Why is important in networking? is essential because it is a default IP address for hardware attached to a local network. You can configure network preferences there, among other things.

What impact does have on network security? is essential for network security. Hence, you can configure encryption, firewall policies, and other security features that assist in safeguarding your network from unwanted access and potential dangers by gaining access to the admin page.


You have finally gained knowledge about your router. Also, remember that this router is perfect for home use. In case you find any problems, you need to have patience. Later on, you can seek the help of a professional.

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