All devices interact with one another either through cables or wirelessly. An address must be located for one computer/device to interact with others. Such an address is identified as an IP (Internet Protocol) address, which happens to be a string of numbers written in some specific format. Every device has one phenomenon that connects to the same network.

These assigned addresses are associated with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. The association coordinates stable and secure operations. The Internet Protocol is a set of rules that governs the functions performed by the Internet. In other words, it makes the Internet work.

Here in this article, I’ll walk you through IP address

What Is

LANs can use this address, a small part of an extensive network certified by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, as a secure area accessible by all organizations. ip address is a default IPV4 address ranging from 0-255. This address is often used by devices such as routers or modems, etc., and are different IP addresses.

What Are Routers??

A device used to connect multiple computers to a network. Any home network that shares files and information requires a router. They provide access to the Internet and other networks as well.


They are a security mechanism that provides uninterrupted communication among devices.

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Why Log in to 192/168.1.128?

With the advancement in technical knowledge, anybody could break into your network and get their hands on the sensitive information you possess. Your system is easily hackable once your login credentials are known. So, changes made to network names and updating passwords regularly are necessary to protect your system from misuse. Other than that, you can also increase your network security through this process. You are permitted access to the panel once familiar with the board’s knowledge systems.

How To Login To

Logging into the panel allows you to modify settings and configurations. To do so, you are to follow a series of steps given below.

  1. Open your favourite browser and type the address “” in the search box, which leads to a pop-up window that requires your complete credentials. Type the IP address in this form ‘’ only other forms like ‘192. 168. 1. 128’, ‘192 168 128 1’, ‘192.168.1. 128’, ‘192.168.128’ are invalid.

    login to

  2. You are to enter details such as a login ID. These details belong to the router that you are using. Type the default username along with the password and click “OK.” Make sure to enter only the updated details.
  3. You can start configuring your devices when redirected to the admin page.
  4. You can make necessary changes, such as the type of connection, change the name of your network, or even add new devices.
  5. You can change the transmission rates by your choice, along with the ability to track router-connected devices. 
  6. Lastly, you might want to keep the Login details a secret if you don’t want to face any security issues.

Note- Understand the number ‘1’ with the lowercase letter ‘l’. E.g., 192.168 l 128, 192.168 l 128 password, 192.168 l l28, 192 168 1 128, 192.168 l l28 wifi password,
192.168.l.l28 wifi password and 192.168 l l28 password are invalid and wrong ways to access this IP address.

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Access Router Gateway Through Windows

If using a Windows PC, then follow the steps given below to locate the router IP address

  1. Press “Windows logo+r,” which will open up a new window on your screen

    through gateway

  2. Type “cmd into” and press “Enter.” The cmd will open up
  3. Type ipconfig | findstr/I” Gateway” into the command prompt and press “Enter.”
  4. The default IP address will be displayed, which you can copy to log in.

Access Router Through Phones

The same procedure follows by using mobile devices as well. This procedure is quick and efficient as you are using a portable device. Here, you ensure your device is wirelessly connected to the router.

  1. On your smartphone, open a browser.
  2. Enter the address as given above and wait for the page to redirect
  3. Sign in with the current details
  4. Now that you are signed in, you can change data in any field 
  5. Using the new data, you can re-login to the wifi 

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You can also change the credentials of your router. Usually, the manufacturers provide a default one, which you can change. To increase the security of all devices, you can change the details by logging into the browser and then performing the following steps

  1. Enter the IP address ( in the browser and wait for the window to open
  2. Enter the Username and Password that you currently own as admin login
  3. You can now change the credentials
  4. Make necessary changes in the required fields as you wish
  5. Now click on the Apply button

 The information you just entered is your new login information. The updated information is set to default values. You may now use them to log in to the system and can change them again, depending on circumstances.

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What To Do If Unable To Login

Sometimes, you might be unable to access the panel despite following the above steps correctly due to internal issues. These issues are usually concerned with the connection. Other times, you may have entered the wrong input. Some of the most common reasons why you might be unable to access the system are:

  • Glitches in the network connection
  • Wrong input
  • Issues related to signals.

Some preliminary steps required to resolve the above issues are:

  • Ensure the connectivity

fix loose connections

Make sure that the connections are not loose. This will hinder the process of logging into the router.

  • Be careful while entering the data
  • Try to reset the router

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What are the benefits of using for router administration? offers a specialized and standardized method of accessing and managing the router's settings. Restricting access to authorized users streamlines network management duties. It maintains security.

What are the issues if there is no wifi login procedure?

Unauthorized users can quickly join a wifi network without checking in, which could jeopardize network performance and data security. Slower speeds and network congestion may also result.

What is the purpose of a wifi login page or authentication portal?

Use a wifi login page or authentication portal to collect user credentials, such as a username and password, to confirm the user's identity and grant access to the network. Additionally, employ it to solicit permission or publish terms of usage.

Can hackers get around the wifi login process?

No. While no security measure is 100% perfect, it is far more difficult for hackers to defeat wifi login when robust encryption and secure login credentials are used.


Unlike public networks, private networks could not be accessed from outside the house. Perhaps IP happens to be a personal address. The above steps help you configure various settings as per your wish. To maintain system security, these are some preliminary steps that everyone must remember. 

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