The address written in part above may look like a regular IP address to many of you, but it is, in fact, extraordinary. The concept we are tackling today is

Why is it so special? It is the one that marks the start of Private addresses. It is where they start from, and if you have followed up till now, or if you have ever studied IP addressing, you’ll know it goes up till the last parts become 255.255.

There are always loads to cover when we are on this particular topic. So, I can fairly say that no aspect of IP addressing is any less unique.

Let us try to deal with everything one by one.

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If I may break some of the most remarkable things down to points for the ease of grasping and reading:

It is a private IP address, falling under the C-class of addressing.

An IPv4, meaning? It does not serve the purpose of surfing the internet utilization directly. I would recommend taking help from a VPN as a middleman.

Private organizations often use This IP Address, which needs their network to be their own and don’t want any sharing/pooling — for instance, MNCs.more about

Though ordinarily used privately, it can be altered and tweaked to be used opposite to their nature. Unlike public ones that might involve a thousand interferences, this one does not include any: no permissions, no sanctions, nothing. Easy peasy? Very much.

These came in trend, like, to eliminate the shortage of distinct addresses to allocate with the explosive increase in usage. It can come in handy if you need to alter your router’s private information. How? Let me save that for later.

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The Process Of Reconnecting With Your Network

If you have the IP address, you might reconnect with your network, right? It could be powered off, or you might want to refresh it to boost the speed.

  • Check your internet connection after looking up the IP address. If it changes, that means you have it dynamically.
  • On the other hand, if you are using it privately for your company/organization/institute, it most likely won’t happen.
  • Also, if you have had it tailor-made for home use, it will remain the same because you have it statically set up, similar to the case above.
  • You can make it static if you have gadgets that need their resources and need to work in isolation. It would help if you got your pockets loosened up a bit.
  • So, by default, is dynamic, but of course, you can set it up manually to get it tailor-made for you so that it does not change. This IP address and are different IP addresses.
  • It could be impractical in times like the present, where there are so many people and addresses, if everyone wanted theirs to be unchangeable. Not to mention how tedious and complicated it can be to do everything.
  • So, it is done automatically, generating and allocating dynamic addresses.

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Modifying Settings Using 

Earlier, I said you could utilize to alter your router’s settings. Indirectly, yes, it does help you out. It forms a way aiding you to get to that portal comprising of locations.

You can change anything the way you like it to be. It can be as complex as the number of devices to permit or network settings to something necessary with a different name for your Wi-Fi.

You can also alter/reset your passkey, but even for that, you must get to that part first. So how do you get there? 


Let me tell you how you can achieve it:

  1. First and foremost, ensure you have a good internet connection with a reasonable running speed. It does matter, irrespective of the kind of connection you have.
  2. The second step in the procedure of login by using to your aid is that you ensure to connect the parties involved, that is, routers and computers. Make sure that the connections are not loose.fix loose connections
  3. Herein, open a new tab of whichever browser you are comfortable using. (preferably chrome). It has got a search bar for making all the searches.

In it, type carefully, ““, double-triple checking all the dots. It ought to be ordered without the inverted commas. They are just for emphasis. After crosschecking everything, hit enter.

Note- Understand the number ‘0’ with the lowercase letter ‘o’. E.g.: http //192.168.o.1.100, Another mistake is writing a lowercase’ l’ instead of a digit 1, for instance, HTTP//192.168.l.100 or 192.168.l.l00 and realizing it later. Most of us tend to place a comma, a semi-colon, or a colon instead of the regular dot. Not only that, but sometimes, you can skip the bead altogether, thus combining digits. For instance, HTTP 192.168 1.100, www 192.168 1.100 or www

The Alternative Option 

Alternatively, spot the button/option allowing you to access the panel/portal with the settings. Hitting it will also give you the same results as the abovementioned step.

Do whichever you feel is the better one.

  • A page will pop open. On this page, you will find your details. After you finish typing them in, transport them to the page where you can make changes.


Do devices on a local network like have passwords?

Yes. To secure access to their configuration settings or shared resources (such as file sharing), devices on a local network often have login credentials, such as usernames and passwords. Each device or service-specific login information is required.

Is securing devices linked to a local network with strong passwords essential?

Yes, securing local network-connected devices with strong passwords is essential, especially those that provide users access to private information or services. Be safe against unwanted access and potential security breaches. Hence, it is possible to use strong passwords.

Is 192.168 1.1 public or private? is now a private IP address. If an address is part of a range designated for private use, it is considered private. They are frequently used on local networks like those in schools and offices.

Why is 192.168 1.100 preferred?

You can access the router's administrative section by typing into the address bar of your web browser. The most well-known router manufacturers utilize this IP address.


That is another blog covering the topics related to IP addresses, with so much to spare in this field. I have tried to cover everything one should know about to be comfortable dealing with it. I hope it proves helpful enough.

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