Orbi Admin Login Guide | How to Access Orbi Router

orbi router admin login guide

Netgear is a hardware networking company based in California located in the United States of America. It has offices located in almost thirty countries across the globe. Bay Networks Inc owns the company. It provides storage, security and network solutions and is one of the best-known router brands in the world. In this blog, we will specifically discuss about a router modem of Netgear, the Orbi Netgear router and see how to perform Orbi Netgear Admin login. Read below to know more.

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How to Perform Orbi Admin Login

One should follow the following steps to perform orbi admin login:-

Step 1:-

Turn on your computer and open a web browser in it. It could be Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2:-

Type orbi login in the search bar or address bar and click on search.

Step 3:-

The orbi router page will display.

Step 4:-

Fill in the credentials like the username and password.

fill in your credentials
fill in your credentials

Step 5:-

Click on the login option to log in to orbi.

Your orbi admin login is successful!

How to log into orbi router via Orbi Application

Follow these steps to perform Orbi router admin login via Orbi Application: –

Step 1:-

Open your mobile phone. It can be an Android or iPhone. Open the Google PlayStore on your android device and the App Store on your Apple devices.

Step 2:-

Type Netgear Orbi App on the search bar on your device.

Step 3:-

Click on install and wait until the app gets installed on your respective devices.

download the netgear orbi app and sign in
download the netgear orbi app and sign in

Step 4:-

After the above step is over, open the app. The Netgear Orbi login page will be visible.

Step 5:-

Fill in the credentials like the username and password and Orbi router details.

Step 6:-

Click on the sign-in button.

You will successfully log in.

Orbi admin login from the web browser

Step 1:-

Ensure that your Netgear orbi router is connected to a stable internet connection.

Step 2:-

Switch on your preferred device like your desktop or laptop.

Step 3:-

Open a web browser in it. It could be Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox.

Step 4:-

In the address bar or search bar, type in Orbi login address called orbi login net and click on search.

Step 5:-

The orbi login address will pop up, and you will have to fill in your credentials.

Step 6:-

After this step, click on the login button.

Your orbi admin login is successful.

How to Access Orbi Router

Step 1:-

To access the router’s web-based user interface, open your web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc. and type (the default IP to access the admin interface) in the address bar.

Step 2:-

The credentials (username and password) we supplied at the start of this procedure are not always valid.

Step 3:-

Your orbi Netgear router’s default login username is admin.

Step 4:-

Netgear orbi router default password is also admin.

Step 5:-

Enter your credentials, then press “Enter” to access your orbi router’s control panel.

If the above default username and password do not work, try these:-

Username Password
admin password
admin 1234
admin admin
comcast 1234
(blank) password
(blank) admin
admin (blank)
admin (specified by user)
(blank) 1234
admin changeme
mso/admin changeme/password
admin netgear1
n/a n/a
super 5777364
superuser password
cusadmin (blank)
admin (specify by user)
superman (blank)
admin setup
(blank) (blank)
n/a password
cusadmin highspeed
admin setup
voo WPA label keys in uppercase letters

If the above-mentioned IP address does not work, try the IP addresses given below:-

S.No. IP Address
8 https://www.routerlogin.net
9 htttps://www.mywifiext.net
16 http://mywifiext.com
25 https://m.home


Steps to Follow if you Forgot your Password for the Orbi Router

Get started with this simple procedure if you don’t remember your Orbi router.

Step 1:- 

Open a web browser like Opera, Chrome and go to the orbi routers website.

Step 2:- 

You will find an option that states forgot password.

Step 3:- 

A pop up empty form will display on your browser. Fill in the details.

Step 4:- 

Then click on the reset password option.

router password reset
router password reset

Step 5:- 

Type a strong, memorable password, and it will save it!


Where are the default credentials displayed on my Netgear Orbi router?

The default credentials like default username and password are all given in the handbook, also referred to as manual that you get when purchasing your orbi router. If you cannot find your manual or are having trouble, contact your local dealer for help.

What is the process to be followed if I want to restart my Orbi router?

Sometimes, due to overheating or other technical issues, your router might give out for a little bit and in those cases restarting your router is the only best way to go about it. For this, you should make sure to turn off your router and then unplug all the cables wait for a few seconds and replug the wires in the back.

The orbi application is not installing on my phone. What should I do?

Ensure that you always have a top speed internet connection to download and install apps. If you have slow internet or Wi-Fi connection, it will take time to download or will not download.

What is the extension to perform orbi admin login on the web browser?

You will have to open our preferred web browser and hit in the following:- www.orbilogin.com


This article talks about how to login to orbi router and gives the different ways to perform the orbi admin login. It gives three tried and tested ways to perform this task. Additionally, the article includes more sets of default usernames and passwords if the ones mentioned by default in the factory settings do not work. It also answers a few FAQ questions that many of you might have. If you face any issues with your router, please contact the dealer from whom you brought the orbi router.

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