Before discussing what is, we need to consider a few terms. The terms are router, IP address, and IPv4. In the course of understanding these words, we shall learn what is and what does it do.

We will begin with the router. Almost all of us have heard this word. It an essential device that we require while getting a wifi connection to be it in our home, workplace, or anywhere. The router control trafficking. It sends data packets because of which we get the internet. To reconfigure the router, we need access to individual pages. And in the process of accessing those pages, we come to is an IP address. The full form is Internet Protocol. Every device that is connected to the internet has an IP address. It is uniquely given a numeric address assigned to each device. This unique address makes it possible to identify and address the host of the networks. With the rising number of devices getting connected to the internet, it was becoming a nightmare to have no means to track them down. IP address came as a relief to this nightmare. It is regulated by IANA or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, an organization based in America. IP addresses are something for which the users of the internet shall forever be in debt.

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Types Of IP Address

With the growing market, IP addresses were also categorized into two – public and private. The fundamental distinction between both of them is accessibility. The public networks are meant for the public and thus do not follow a strict restricting rule. Almost anyone can access them easily. On the other hand, private networks or personal networks cannot be accessed by one click. ip address

One needs to follow specific steps and methods to access them. is an individual address that falls under the IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) category. IPv4 eliminates the need to have a connection and can work through mediums. The most used medium is an ethernet cable.

Access To

To acquire access to, the steps are as follows –

The first thing one needs to do is to find out the IP address of their device. Out of the many methods to do so, the two simplest ways are given below –

First Method

Start by opening Google on whichever browser you feel like. In the search box of Google, type “My IP address.” The result page shows a numerical arrangement on the top. This arrangement is the IP address of the device.

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Second Method

The second method is longer than the first method; go for this method only if the first one does not work.

  1. Click on the Windows or Start button at the bottom left of your windows
  2. Next, you can click on the search bar, type “cmd,” and press enter. It should be typed without quotations.
  3. The search result shows the command prompt option of cmd. Select that for cmd
  4. When you select the cmd option, a new window appears. The box in which one can type, type – “ipconfig.” Do not write letters with quotations.type ipconfig
  5. After typing the letter, press Enter to execute the given command.
  6. The following page shows the result. The Default Gateway option appears.default gateway
  7. The number written next to the default gateway should attract attention. This number is the IP you are looking for.

How To Alter IP Address

Start by pressing the button on the bottom side of the modem. Press the pin for at least 15 seconds. A pop up on the screen will appear. This pop up is the factory reset page for your modem. Now, alter the address.

Make sure that you either copy or make a note of the IP address as it will be required in the steps ahead.

Now, we come to the final step. The final step in the process is to log in on server/IP address. You should follow this step to alter ip address

Begin by opening your browser. You can use any browser that you are comfortable with. Now, a box will be there for typing. Type –, after typing press enter. They will take you to the IP address’ page.

The freshly loaded page that asks the users to feed in the required details so they can get access. It does not ask for a lot of fill in, only username and password. You can try Several passwords with the default username – admin or administrator. You can try common passwords such as admin, 1234, abcd, 0000, etcetera.

alter ip address

It will display another page now. On this page, you can change the default settings to make it work as per your need.

Remember, the default passwords mentioned above will work only if the user has not changed them before.

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Login To IP Address

The process to log in to similar IP addresses remains mostly the same. Hence, if you are looking to log in to any other IP address to gain access for the admin panel, you may try the same process.

You followed all the steps correctly, and if you still fail to gain access, then you may want to recheck your IP address. Typing errors can cause the page to display invalid. In other cases, they might take you to some other page. The other problem can be speed. Connecting the router to the Ethernet cable solves the problem in most cases. An Ethernet cable boasts the speed of the router. Sometimes, the router needs such connections before granting access to the user for the admin panel. The last thing that may be causing the problem is the router itself. In these situations, you’ll need to fix the router.


How do I find my 192.168 0. 101 password?

In the web browser's search bar, enter your IP address and proceed by pressing ‘Enter.’ Following this action, you will be promptly redirected to the router's login page, where you will encounter a request to input the login username and password for further access. To conveniently retrieve these login credentials, inspect the label on the of your router.

What is my Wi-Fi password?

Begin by accessing the ‘settings’ on your phone. Within the settings menu, actively tap on ‘Wi-Fi.’ Locate and select ‘saved networks’ from the available options, and find your home network in the list. Now, choose the ‘share’ option provided, and you see your wifi password.

Can I change the Wi-Fi name and password?

In the web browser, type your router's IP address. On the router's login page, proceed by entering your credentials. Now, within the router's configuration interface search for the ‘Wireless settings’. Within the ‘Wireless settings’ section, enter a new username and password. Click the ‘Apply’ or ‘Save’ button to confirm.

How Can I Detect Who is Using My Wi-Fi?

To gain insights into past and present network connections, take the proactive step of checking your router's logs. It's important to note that nearly all routers maintain records of these connections, providing valuable information such as the IP address and associated name of each connected device.


These addresses can be similar and confusing, but a little research can quickly resolve the confusion. I hope the process helped you log in. Keep visiting us for similar solutions.

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