Next in our series of technical writings is another IP address (Internet Protocol address, as you may recall). The one we have for discussion today is This is one of the several Private IP addresses present out there. and are different IP addresses.

Repeating what I mentioned earlier, an IP address of this sort is not said to be owned or reserved (exclusively) for use by any organization. As a result, these come in use by several organizations as their “DEFAULT GATEWAY.”

Studying this field of computer programming, you may stumble across this term very often. So allow me to shed some light on its meaning for you. A gateway is a device/tool which facilitates communication among different networks. It is a part of networking devices that works across various systems, aiding to connect them.

How do you log into

  • Correctly connect your system with the router; once the connection is established successfully, open the browser of your choice.
  • Now, enter in the browser’s address bar and press “Enter” from your keyboard. You can also directly paste over there to avoid any confusion in typing.

  • Have you completed all the above three steps? It will further direct you to your router’s settings and configuration interface. From here, you can manage the administrative control of all the devices connected within your network. If you wish to change your username and password, you can quickly get it done from the “Settings” Tab, but save it somewhere safe.

Note- Understand the number ‘1’ with the lowercase letter ‘l’ and the number’ 0′ with the letter ‘O’. E.g., 10.0.0 l.138, 10.0.o.138, 1o.o.o.138, 1o.o.0.138 or 1o.o.o.l38 are invalid and wrong ways to access this IP address.

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What To Do If You Forget The Router’s Username And Password? IP address itself? No worries, you can retrieve it, or you can reset it by:

  • The first method is resetting the router. The technique is to press the reset button at the backside of your router for about 30 minutes. Please wait for it to restart.

resetting method

  • The other option is to detect the address by typing cmd->ipconfig. This will show the same, which you can jot down.

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All of this is fine, but sometimes we type the address and do everything right, but still, we get the message “You can’t reach this site.” Try and keep your cool. Don’t use www., https //10.0.138 login, http //10.0.138/, https //10.0.138, http //10.0.138, 10.0.0138 or www.10.0.138.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Make sure the router is working well.
  • Refresh your connection to the Internet.
  • Tighten the cables carefully.

fix loose connections

  • Double-check the address you have entered.

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What is gateway 10.0 0.138? is a standard default gateway for several routers and networking hardware. Use it to access the router's web-based control interface. The router's network setup, security settings, and other features can then be configured there. Hence, it could differ based on your specific router or network settings.

What is gateway number IP?

The term refers to the IP address of a device or network node on a local network that serves as a point of entry or exit for data traffic between that network and other networks, including the Internet. It facilitates communication between hardware inside and outside the local network.

Is 10.0 a private IP?

Yes. The IP address range is a private one that much is certain. However, you can use it frequently for LANs within businesses, and it cannot route over the open Internet. Hence, you can use these addresses internally by devices connected to a private network. At the same time, a router handles external internet connection.

What is a DNS gateway?

A network device or service manages DNS requests and responses between a local network and the Internet. Assigning domain names to the IP addresses accordingly makes it easier for devices on the network to communicate with online resources. Hence, it does this by translating the available domain names into the addresses.


You would want to consult someone with more expertise to help you if you are still having trouble. Most of the time, if it is nothing peculiar, this article can help you if you require any information about the login.

I have mentioned everything here in one place for your convenience about I hope you understand about the IP address. If not, ask us anything in the comment section.

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