The cool breeze in the countryside and the sound of horses neighing as they ran through the marketplace are all things of the yore! No people back then could have imagined even 1% of the developments in modern times. Who would’ve thought of students learning live classes from home or man setting foot on the Moon!? Much more than this has happened solely because of the tech sector. In this article, we will go through IP, specifically IP router

The invention of the Internet has connected billions of users worldwide, making it essential for daily tasks like shopping. The pandemic has increased internet needs, leading to the rise of apps and routers. Routers are essential for connecting multiple devices simultaneously, making them a predominant part of modern households. Brands continuously improve router functions for their effectiveness.

As we all know, every router has its IP, like every device ranging from a pen drive to a laptop. This IP is allotted to a particular set of routers. One such IP is In the following topics, let us discuss how we can explore the different settings of a router with IP and use some troubleshooting tips.

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How Do I Log Onto the Router with IP

Well, now that you have bought a router, of course, you’ll feel the need to explore its different functions. If you use it as a technician installed it, you’ll miss out on a lot. For instance, you might want to change your password because many people use it around your house. Or, replace the existing name with a new one for a change? This article will tell you how you can do that! To avail of all those privileges, you need to log onto your IP

  1. Before anything else, connect your PC to your router. You can do that over a LAN network or a wired ethernet connection, preferably in the latter way. 
  2. Before continuing, make sure you have connected the PC and the router. Now, open the browser of your choice(Chrome, Edge or Firefox). Then, produce into the URL bar of the web browser and select enter. Do it carefully and avoid making mistakes.

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         3. On doing that, you can view a login box on the PC. Here, you are supposed to enter the correct user ID and passcode accurately. If you do so, you’ll be taken to your router’s user interface.

If you are unaware of this user ID and passcode combination, don’t worry; it’s easy to find them. Just look for them on the rear side of your router. Or, get the router’s handbook, where you will find the combination.

Refer to the table below for some frequently used user ID and passcode combinations for IP

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What To Do If I Forget The Router’s User ID And Passcode?

It’s all fun and games to make an account. But the hurdle comes in remembering the passcodes of all these accounts. I mean, it’s only human nature to forget, right? Then, it’s also not expected of you to memorize your router’s passcodes and user IDs. So, if you want to log in, there’s an easy method.

reset password

To log onto your router’s IP, i.e.,, reset it. To reset the router, track down a tiny hole at the rear or bottom of your router. Now, find a slender tool that will pass through that hole, like a paperclip. Then, jab the device into the opening and press the reset button for thirty seconds. After you do so, the router will power off and then power on by itself. Now, your router has been reset.

How Do I Troubleshoot The Router if I Face Any Issues?

There might come a time when your very diligently working router starts acting up! It may be because it’s old or a kid pulled the wires. But don’t worry! You need not call a technician to fix any of those issues. Just go through the following troubleshooting options, and all will be well, as troubleshooting the router might sometimes help to resolve the problem.

  • Restart the router. One of the most straightforward solutions to solving any issues your router might cause is to restart the router. Most people use This made-up technique to fix the problems with their devices, but it works most of the time!
  • Maybe there’s a connection problem? If someone shook the router unintentionally, the cables might detach. And this might be why your router isn’t working correctly. Be sure the wires are intact.
  • Have you ever wondered that the Firewall Settings might be causing you problems, too? If they are on, they will not let your PC access the internet. So, disable and check once again.

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  • I’m sure you will have overlooked this problem. That is, you have entered the wrong IP on the browser. Enter without any errors and try again.

Some Popular Brands That Use As Their Default IP is a private IP. It is allotted to a lot of routers of Pronto Networks.

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Is a password with ten digits safe?

Yes. Regardless of complexity, a password of 10 characters or longer will often be complicated and nearly impossible to crack. Hence, your password will be easier to crack if it is at most eight characters and is ten characters.

Can I modify my Wi-Fi login information?

Yes. To modify the login details, use a browser and type the router's IP address into the address bar. Then, key in the router's info. Last but not least, go for Wireless settings, type a new username, and click Apply or Save.

What is the default IP?

Depending on the network settings and the type of connection being utilized, a computer's default IP address may change. Usually, the network's default gateway or router receives these IP addresses.

Why is IP configuration failure?

Even though it's your home network, this message typically shows when you try to join any Wi-Fi network. It also indicates that the network's router cannot assign your Android device an IP address.


Now, you can fix any issues your router might cause with the help of these tips and tricks. But if it keeps troubling you with unnecessary problems, it is best to buy a new one.

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