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When there are multiple devices and multiple users who need to connect to the internet, instead of using mobile data and a single connection, a shared internet connection is preferred. You can achieve this by setting up a router and modem. If you have an internet connection at your workplace, you are probably connected through the router. A router is an electronic device that helps form a local area network that serves as a connecting link between the various devices and the internet.

Every router sends packets of information to and fro between the source and the destination. They serve as air traffic controllers, controlling the traffic between various devices. You can further customize every router by making certain changes as per the user demands. The first thing the user should know is the router’s login IP address to make those changes.

In this article, we will be looking especially at the IP address “” 

How To Log Into The IP Address

Let’s look at the steps you can follow to log in using the IP address

  1. To log into the IP address, you need an internet-capable device. Any device connected to the internet, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.internet capable device
  2. Make sure your device has an active internet connection for this process. Connect the device with the internet.device has an active internet connection
  3. After making the connection, open a browser on the device.open a browser on the device. 
  4. No particular device is mentioned, so you can browse any browser.
  5. After opening the browser, search for the IP address on the search bar, or you can even enter the link ip
  6. Once you type that, you will be redirected to a page where you can directly login using the username and password.enter login details
  7. Type your login credentials that are username and password correctly; after that, hit the enter button or click on the login button. This will automatically log you in to the router admin homepage. Now you will be able to make any changes you require, such as adding a network, changing the password, or Wifi name or password, or even adding or removing parental controls.

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What To Do In Case You Don’t Remember Your Password?

In case you are unable to remember your password while logging into the IP address, there is no reason for you to panic. 

It may have been the case that you have never changed the password in the first place. Most people never change the username or password of their router in their lifetime. You can always log back in using the default username and password in such cases. 

The default username is mentioned at the base or back of the router. You will always find it there. In case you have changed the password but are unable to recall it now, you can reset the router. router reset

Resetting the router will undo every change ever made in the settings. Resetting will reset the router back to how it was when installed, default factory settings. To reset the router, look for a small hole like button on the router. You might need a toothpick or a pointed object to press that button. Press and hold for 20 to 30 seconds on that reset button. This will reset the router back to its initial factory settings.

But resetting might also hamper the connection if you are using the internet through the router. In such cases, make sure you have a secondary internet connection available with you. Similarly, to know how to login to the Asus router, click here.

How To Troubleshoot Router Errors?

Let’s look at some of the common router errors while logging into the IP address and how to troubleshoot them

  • Reboot

Rebooting solves much of the routing problems. Rebooting the router is like restarting the device. Plug out the cables moving out and into the router. Hold them for some time, and then plug in all the cables back into the router.

  • Check The Cables

Check whether or not the cables are properly attached to the router. Then check for any loose connection. Sometimes, the wire may also get old and malfunction in the router’s working, so check if any of the cables need to be replaced. To know more about port forwarding, click here.  

  • Check The Lights

Check for any difference in the lights of the router. To know the general working of the router, refer to the instruction manual provided while purchasing the router. In the instruction manual, you will find how the lights work in perfect working conditions. Also, pay attention to the color of the lights.

  • Overheating

If the router is in use continuously over a long time, it may get overheated. This may reduce the productivity of the router. If the airflow is not consistent or the router’s vent is blocked, the device may get overheated and lose its efficiency. So it becomes important to keep it in a well-ventilated space.

If your router is not up to date, this may also create some problem. Make sure your router and the firmware is up to date and in perfectly fine working condition.

  • Check For Obstacles

Common day to day materials may also become the reason for the slow internet connectivity. Things such as glasses and mirrors may become an obstruction for the slow network. Ensure you are placed near the router, or there is no obstacle between your device and the router, which may become an obstacle. The lesser the obstacles, the better the connectivity and speed.

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List Of Popular Router Brands Using As Their Log In IP Address

A rundown of popular router brands using the IP address

VoIP Gateway

Default username: n/amotorola vt1000

Default password: n/a

  • Motorola VT1005Vmotorola vt1005v


What is the router login password?

You can also find this information in the Router Manual or Handbook. Additionally, look at your router's tag on the back or bottom. Typically, the default username is ‘admin,’ and people often use ‘admin’ or ‘password’ as the default password.

What is router login IP?

The default router IP address is commonly set to or by the majority of major router manufacturers, including Asus, Cisco, Huawei, TP-Link, Netgear, Linksys, Zyxel, and others. When you open a web browser and type ‘What's my IP address,’ your network's IP address will immediately appear at the top of your screen.

How to access IP addresses?

Start by clicking on your Start Menu. After this, in the search box, enter ‘cmd’. This action will open a black-and-white window where you will type ‘ipconfig /all,’ ensuring there is a space between the ‘ipconfig’ command and the ‘/all’ switch. Your IP address, specifically the IPv4 address, can be identified through this process.

What's the DNS name assigned to me?

Enter ‘Cmd’ in your Windows taskbar’s search bar. Next, input the command ‘ipconfig/all’ into your Command Prompt and press Enter. Now, focus on locating the field labeled ‘DNS Servers.’ The first address you encounter represents the primary DNS server, while the subsequent address serves as the secondary DNS server.


The IP address is a unique IP in use for accessing the router admin panel and is especially for wireless routers and modem. This IP address is mainly in use by the brand Motorola.

This shouldn’t mean that every Motorola router has the same IP address; the IP address may differ depending upon the device. Knowing the router’s IP address is important as without knowing the IP address, not even a single step from the steps written above could be undertaken.

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