Imagine landing at Newark Airport, your smartphone buzzing with urgent emails and messages. You’re ready to respond, but there’s a catch – you need an internet connection. The frustration builds as you struggle to find a reliable network, feeling disconnected in a world that’s always online. But don’t worry, there’s a solution at hand. Newark Airport offers WiFi services, and connecting to them is simpler than you think. 

How to Connect to Newark Airport WiFi? To connect to Newark Airport WiFi, select the “_EWR WiFi” network on your device, open your browser, and follow the on-screen instructions to access free or premium WiFi services.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the easy steps to get online quickly, so you can get back to what matters without missing a beat.

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Overview of Newark Airport WiFi Services

Newark Airport, a bustling hub for travelers, understands the modern necessity of staying connected. To cater to this need, the airport offers comprehensive wifi in Newark airport, ensuring you’re never more than a few clicks away from the digital world. Managed by Boingo, a leader in wireless infrastructure, the WiFi at Newark Airport is designed to be user-friendly and accessible.

As soon as you step into the airport, you’re greeted with the option to connect to “_EWR WiFi”, a signal that covers most areas of the airport. Boingo’s service at Newark offers a blend of free and premium WiFi options. The free service is perfect for quick browsing and checking emails, while the premium service caters to those needing a more robust connection for streaming or downloading large files.

What sets Newark’s WiFi apart is its reliability and speed, a testament to Boingo’s expertise in providing top-notch wireless services. Whether you’re waiting for your flight or just passing through, the WiFi here ensures that your digital life stays uninterrupted. With Boingo’s user-friendly interface, connecting to the internet at Newark Airport is a breeze, making your travel experience smoother and more connected. For more insights on optimizing your WiFi experience, check out this guide on how to boost WiFi signal without access to the router.

Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting to Newark Airport WiFi

Finding the Network

First, ensure your device’s WiFi is turned on. Scan for available networks and select “_EWR WiFi” from the list. This network is visible throughout most areas of the airport, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding it.

Accessing the Login Page

First, ensure your device’s WiFi is turned on. Scan for available networks and select “_EWR WiFi” from the list. This network is visible throughout most areas of the airport, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding it. Once you’ve connected to Newark airport wifi, open your web browser. It should automatically redirect you to the Newark Airport WiFi login page.

Choosing Your WiFi Plan

Here’s where you decide how you want to surf. You’ll be presented with two main options: the complimentary service or the premium paid service. The free version is great for basic browsing and checking emails. If you need more bandwidth, consider opting for the premium service, which offers faster speeds suitable for streaming or downloading.

Logging In

For the free WiFi, simply follow the on-screen instructions to log in. You might need to watch a short advertisement or enter some basic information. If you’re opting for the premium service, you’ll be prompted to create an account or log in if you’re already a Boingo subscriber. Payment details will be required for the premium service.

Enjoy Your Connection

Once logged in, you’re all set! Start browsing, check your emails, or stream your favorite content. Remember, the free service might have time limitations, so keep an eye on the clock if you’re not on the premium plan.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you face any issues, try reconnecting to the network or restarting your device. Boingo also offers customer support for travelers at Newark Airport, ensuring a smooth online experience.

Free vs. Paid WiFi Access at Newark Airport

At Newark Airport, travelers have two primary WiFi options: the complimentary service and the premium, paid service. Is there free wifi at Newark Airport? Yes, Newark Airport offers free WiFi for a limited time. Connect to “_EWR WiFi” and follow the on-screen instructions for complimentary access.

Complimentary WiFi Access

The free WiFi service, provided by Boingo, is ideal for travelers looking to perform basic online activities like browsing or checking emails. It’s a convenient option for those who need quick internet access without additional costs. However, it’s important to note that this complimentary service often comes with certain limitations. Typically, the free WiFi might be time-restricted, offering connectivity for a set period, like 30 minutes. After this, you may need to reconnect or watch an advertisement to continue using the service. Additionally, the speed and bandwidth of the free service are generally lower, which might not be suitable for high-bandwidth activities like streaming videos or downloading large files.

Premium Paid WiFi Access

For a more robust and uninterrupted online experience, Newark Airport offers a premium WiFi service. This paid option, also managed by Boingo, provides enhanced speed and unlimited connectivity, making it ideal for streaming, video calls, or downloading large files. The premium service requires a fee, either as a one-time payment for a specific duration or as part of a subscription plan for frequent travelers. With no time restrictions and higher bandwidth, the premium service caters to those needing a more reliable and faster internet connection while at the airport.

Choosing between the free and paid WiFi services at Newark Airport depends on your specific internet needs and the duration of your stay at the airport. Both options are designed to keep you connected, with the flexibility to select what works best for you.

Troubleshooting Common WiFi Connection Issues at Newark Airport

Connecting to ewr wifi in a bustling airport like Newark can sometimes come with its set of challenges. Here are some common issues and solutions to ensure a smooth online experience:

1. Difficulty Connecting to the Network

If your device is struggling to connect to “_EWR WiFi”, ensure your WiFi is turned on and try moving to a different location within the airport. Some areas might have stronger signals than others.

2. Slow Internet Speed

Experiencing slow speeds on the free WiFi is common, especially in crowded areas. For a faster connection, consider switching to the premium service. If you’re already on the premium service and facing speed issues, try disconnecting and reconnecting to the network.

3. Login Page Not Loading

Sometimes, the login page may not automatically appear. If this happens, open your browser and try navigating to any website. This should redirect you to the login page. If it doesn’t, check if you’re connected to the correct network.

4. Connection Drops

Intermittent connectivity can be frustrating. If you lose connection, check if you’ve exceeded the free service time limit. Reconnecting or switching to a different area can also help.

5. Improving WiFi Signal Strength

To enhance your WiFi signal, stay close to WiFi hotspots and avoid physical obstructions like walls or pillars. Keeping your device’s WiFi software updated can also improve connectivity and speed.

6. Additional Support

For persistent issues, Boingo provides customer support at Newark Airport. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them for assistance, especially if you’re using the premium service. For more detailed troubleshooting, consider reading this article on how to troubleshoot routers.

By following these tips, you can troubleshoot most WiFi issues at Newark Airport and enjoy a more reliable internet connection during your travels.

Additional Services and Amenities at MSP

Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) Airport goes beyond just providing WiFi; it ensures a comfortable and convenient experience for all travelers. Throughout the airport, you’ll find numerous charging stations, allowing you to keep your devices powered up. These stations are strategically located in seating areas and lounges, ensuring easy access while you wait for your flight.

When it comes to finding the best WiFi connectivity, MSP Airport excels. The lounges and terminals, especially, offer strong and reliable signals. Lounges, in particular, are a haven for travelers seeking a quiet space with robust WiFi, perfect for those needing to catch up on work or connect with loved ones. Additionally, various cafes and seating areas throughout the terminals provide comfortable spots to connect and relax.

Safety Tips for Using Public WiFi

Using public WiFi, like Newark wifi, requires cautiousness to ensure your online safety. Always prioritize secure connections; avoid accessing sensitive information such as bank accounts or personal data on public networks. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is highly recommended. A VPN encrypts your data, keeping your online activities private and secure.

Be wary of any unsecured or suspicious-looking WiFi networks. Stick to the official MSP WiFi and avoid conducting sensitive transactions like online shopping or accessing your bank account. Keep your device’s security software updated to protect against any potential threats. Learn more about maintaining security on public networks in this comprehensive guide on performing home network security.


Is WiFi free at Newark Airport?

Yes, Newark Airport offers free WiFi for a limited time. Connect to ‘_EWR WiFi’ and follow the on-screen instructions for complimentary access.

How do I connect to Newark Airport WiFi?

Select ‘_EWR WiFi’ from your device's WiFi settings, open a browser, and follow the login prompts for either free or premium access. For detailed instructions on various router configurations, this router login guide might be helpful.

Can I use WiFi in all areas of Newark Airport?

WiFi is available throughout most areas of Newark Airport, including lounges and terminals, ensuring broad coverage for travelers.

Are there any time limits on Newark Airport's free WiFi?

The free WiFi at Newark Airport typically has a time limit, after which you may need to reconnect or watch an advertisement.

Is it safe to use Newark Airport WiFi for sensitive transactions?

It's best to avoid sensitive transactions on public WiFi. Use a VPN for enhanced security if necessary.


Navigating the digital world at Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport is straightforward and secure, thanks to its reliable WiFi service and additional amenities. Whether you’re charging your device, lounging comfortably while browsing, or working on-the-go, MSP ensures a seamless digital experience. Remember to stay safe online with simple precautions like using VPNs and avoiding sensitive transactions on public networks. Enjoy your stay at MSP, and stay connected hassle-free!