Imagine this: You’ve just purchased the sleek Aiwit Doorbell, a gateway to ensuring your home’s security is as connected as you are. But there’s a catch – it’s sitting there, silent, disconnected from the digital lifeline of WiFi. It’s like having a sports car with no keys. Frustrating, isn’t it? You’re not alone in this. Many face the hurdle of technology refusing to cooperate, leaving them with a smart doorbell that’s not so smart after all.

How to Connect Aiwit Doorbell to WiFi? Open the Aiwit app, select your doorbell, and navigate to Device Settings. Choose WiFi Settings, select your network, enter the password, and connect. Simple, quick, and secure.

But here’s the good news: connecting your Aiwit Doorbell to WiFi isn’t a herculean task. It’s a few taps away from becoming the vigilant doorkeeper you need. This article isn’t just a set of instructions; it’s your ticket to reclaiming control and convenience. Let’s turn that silence into a symphony of connectivity. Let’s get your Aiwit Doorbell up and talking to the world of WiFi, shall we?

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What You Need Before You Start

Before diving into the setup process, it’s crucial to have all the necessary tools at your disposal. This includes the Aiwit doorbell manual, which provides detailed instructions and illustrations specific to your model. Here’s what else you’ll need:

Essential Items:

  • Your Aiwit Doorbell: Charged and ready for action. A doorbell without power is like a car without gas – not going anywhere.aiwit doorbell camera wireless
  • WiFi Password: The secret key to your personal internet kingdom. Without it, your doorbell won’t be whispering sweet notifications to your phone.
  • Smartphone or Tablet: Your digital wand to command the Aiwit Doorbell. Make sure it’s got the Aiwit app downloaded, logged in, and at your fingertips.

Pre-Setup Checklist:

  • A Compatible WiFi Network: Ensure your home WiFi is 2.4GHz – Aiwit doesn’t mingle with the 5GHz crowd yet.
  • The Aiwit App: It’s the bridge between your doorbell and your device. Download it from your app store if you haven’t already.
  • A Full Charge: Your doorbell should be fully charged. A low battery could drop the curtain on your setup show.
  • Patience and Excitement: Sometimes, tech can be a bit finicky. Keep a cool head and the excitement of a tech wizard in training.

With these items checked off, you’re ready to dive into the digital deep end and get your Aiwit Doorbell online. Let’s get to it!

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Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting Your Aiwit Doorbell to WiFi

Step 1: Preparing Your Aiwit Doorbell 

Before we jump into the digital pool, let’s make sure your Aiwit Doorbell is ready to swim. Start by giving it a full charge – a green light will usually indicate it’s got all the juice it needs. Think of it as prepping a gourmet meal; you wouldn’t start without all your ingredients laid out. So, place your doorbell within your WiFi’s embrace – close enough to catch the signal’s wave. Now, with your doorbell charged and in position, you’re set to connect it to the WiFi. It’s like the prelude to a symphony, the quiet before the grand performance.

Step 2: Connecting to Your WiFi Network 

Whether you’re setting up for the first time or need to know how to change WiFi on your Aiwit doorbell, the process is user-friendly. Here’s how to ensure your doorbell is always connected to the right network:

  1. Locate the WiFi Settings: In the Aiwit app on your smartphone, tap on the ‘Device Settings’ – this is your control room.
  2. Choose Your Network: Your doorbell is sociable; it’ll list all the WiFi networks it finds. Select yours – it’s the VIP invite to the party.aiwit doorbell video wireless
  3. Enter the Password: It’s the secret handshake. Type in your WiFi password with the precision of a locksmith. No room for errors here – it’s the key to unlocking seamless connectivity.
  4. Connect: Hit that connect button with the confidence of a pilot launching into the blue. Your doorbell will now attempt to pair with your WiFi. It’s like a digital handshake – a formal introduction between your doorbell and your network.

Step 3: Syncing with the Aiwit App

Once your WiFi is up and running, the next step is to ensure your Aiwit doorbell and app are in perfect harmony:

  • Aiwit Login: Launch the Aiwit app and enter your login details. If you’re a new user, you’ll need to create an account first.
  • Add Your Doorbell: Tap the ‘+’ or ‘Add device’ to start the syncing process. Your app is now ready to connect with your doorbell.
  • Scan the QR Code: Locate the QR code on your doorbell and scan it with the app. This confirms the identity of your device and links it to your account.

By logging into the Aiwit app, you’re creating a secure connection between your smartphone and your doorbell, enabling you to manage settings and receive alerts wherever you are.

Step 4: Finalizing the Setup 

You’re on the home stretch:

  1. Test the Connection: Ring the doorbell or trigger a motion event. Your app should alert you – it’s the doorbell’s first “hello” to your phone.
  2. Check the Live View: Open the live view in the app. If you see what’s in front of the doorbell, you’ve nailed it. It’s like peeking through a digital peephole.
  3. Ensure Stability: Walk around your home with the app open. The connection should hold as firm as a lighthouse in a storm. If it does, your setup is rock solid.

Congratulations! Your Aiwit Doorbell is now a fully-fledged member of your smart home ensemble, ready to serenade you with alerts and visuals, keeping your home as connected as you are.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

Encountering issues with your smart home devices can be a common part of the experience. If you’re facing aiwit doorbell problems, here are some steps to help you resolve them:

WiFi Connection Problems 

If your Aiwit Doorbell is playing hard to connect, don’t fret. First, reboot your router – it’s the classic turn-it-off-and-on-again move. If your doorbell still snubs your WiFi, check the signal strength. Weak signals are like whispers in a storm; your doorbell can’t hear them. Move it closer to the router or consider a WiFi extender. aiwit doorbell camera with rechargable batteriesEnsure your network is 2.4GHz; Aiwit doesn’t speak the 5GHz dialect. Lastly, double-check your WiFi password. A typo is like a mispronounced spell – it won’t work its magic.

App Syncing Issues 

Syncing issues can be a hiccup in your setup symphony. Ensure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on; it’s the invisible thread that ties your app to the doorbell. If they still won’t sync, log out of the Aiwit app and back in. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh start. Check for updates too – both your phone’s OS and the Aiwit app. Running on the latest version keeps the communication smooth. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the app. It’s like meeting someone new and starting on the right foot.

Doorbell Not Responding After Setup 

When your Aiwit Doorbell gives you the silent treatment post-setup, it’s time for some tech TLC. Check the power first – is it charged? If it’s battery-powered, try reinserting the battery. Sometimes, it just needs a little nudge. If it’s wired, ensure the connections are as tight as a drum. No luck yet? Reset the doorbell. There’s usually a tiny button that lets you wipe the slate clean and start over. If it’s still unresponsive, reach out to Aiwit support. They’re like the tech wizards behind the curtain, ready to help.

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Advanced Settings and Features

Once your Aiwit Doorbell is happily chatting with your WiFi, it’s time to explore the land of Advanced Settings – a place where customization reigns supreme, and your doorbell truly becomes yours.

Motion Detection Sensitivity: Tailor how sensitive your doorbell is to movement. It’s like adjusting its glasses – how clearly does it need to see before it tells you someone’s there?

Night Vision Controls: The night is dark and full of… visitors? Set how your doorbell’s eyes adjust to the cloak of night, ensuring it doesn’t miss a thing, even when the sun’s on the other side of the world.

Video Quality Selection: Choose the clarity of your doorbell’s memory. From standard definition for the nostalgic souls to crisp high definition for the detail-oriented – it’s your digital canvas.

Alert Tones and Volume: Decide the soundtrack of your notifications. Pick a chime that sings to your heart or a volume that respects your peace.

WiFi Network Switching: Got a new router? Change the WiFi network your doorbell clings to without a full reset. It’s like giving it a new home in the same neighborhood.

Dive into these settings, and you’ll find your Aiwit Doorbell isn’t just a device; it’s a guardian tailored to your life’s rhythm and routine.

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Maintaining Your Aiwit Doorbell’s WiFi Connection

To keep your Aiwit Doorbell’s connection as steady as a heartbeat, regular check-ups are key. Ensure your router is not overcrowded – too many devices can make your WiFi wheeze. Periodically reboot your router to clear out any digital cobwebs. Keep your doorbell’s firmware in tip-top shape with automatic updates; they’re like vitamins for your device, keeping it healthy and informed. If your doorbell starts acting up, a quick reset can often rekindle the connection. And remember, location matters – keep your doorbell away from metal objects and thick walls that can dampen the WiFi’s call.

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Why won't my Aiwit Doorbell connect to WiFi?

Ensure your WiFi is 2.4GHz as Aiwit is not compatible with 5GHz. Restart your router and doorbell, and double-check your WiFi password for accuracy.

How do I reset my Aiwit Doorbell?

To reset, press and hold the reset button on your doorbell for 15 seconds until the light flashes, indicating it has reset.

Can the Aiwit Doorbell connect to multiple devices?

Yes, the Aiwit Doorbell can connect to multiple devices. Share access by using the QR code feature in the Aiwit app for easy pairing.

What to do if my Aiwit Doorbell is offline?

Check the doorbell's battery level and WiFi signal strength. If necessary, move your router closer to the doorbell or use a WiFi extender.

How can I improve the video quality of my Aiwit Doorbell?

In the Aiwit app, go to Device Settings and adjust the video quality settings to your preference, ensuring a strong WiFi connection for the best quality.


Your Aiwit Doorbell, once a silent sentinel, is now a chatty guardian thanks to its newfound WiFi connection. It’s not just about the bells and whistles; it’s about the peace of mind, the convenience, and the security that comes with a doorbell that’s as connected as you are. If you hit a snag, remember, support is just a tap away – because no question is too small when it comes to the safety of your home.

Got a story to tell about your Aiwit Doorbell? Triumphs, tribulations, or just a techy chat – drop your experiences or queries below. Let’s turn this comment section into a treasure trove of tips and tales!

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