Imagine soaring 30,000 feet above the ground, the landscape a distant memory, and yet, you’re not out of touch. In today’s hyper-connected world, being offline is akin to being invisible. We’ve all felt that twinge of anxiety when we can’t check our emails, update our status, or send that important message. Now, picture this on a long-haul flight—hours of digital silence. Unsettling, isn’t it? But Philippine Airlines understands this modern-day dilemma. They’ve crafted a solution that keeps you connected, even amongst the clouds. With myPAL Wi-Fi, you’re not just buying internet access; you’re reclaiming your right to stay in the loop, to be part of the ever-spinning world, no matter where you are. 

How Much is WiFi on Philippine Airlines? Philippine Airlines offers various myPAL Wi-Fi plans, starting with a complimentary 10 MB plan. For more extensive browsing, unlimited Wi-Fi is available for USD 24.98, while other plans range between USD 9.98 to USD 15.98.

Let’s dive into how they make this possible and at what cost so you can fly without fear of losing your digital lifeline.

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Philippine Airlines at a Glance

Philippine Airlines, a pioneer in the aviation industry, not only connects various destinations but also ensures a connected experience onboard. For those wondering, “Does Philippine Airlines have WiFi?”—yes, they do. The airline offers myPAL Wi-Fi across its fleet, allowing passengers to stay in touch with loved ones, manage work, or simply enjoy entertainment while cruising at altitude. This service reflects Philippine Airlines’ commitment to a comprehensive and modern travel experience.

Today, Philippine Airlines boasts a network that spans across 31 domestic airports and 54 international destinations, bridging cultures and people with the warmth only the ‘Heart of the Filipino’ can offer. Their fleet, a mix of Airbus and Boeing, is a showcase of modern aviation technology, ensuring safety, comfort, and efficiency. From the sandy shores of Boracay to the bustling streets of London, Philippine Airlines has etched its name in the skies as a carrier not just of people but of dreams and stories across miles.

Understanding myPAL Wi-Fi

myPAL Wi-Fi is Philippine Airlines’ premier in-flight service, offering passengers the convenience of staying connected through Philippine Airlines WiFi. Whether you’re flying over the azure waters of the Pacific or the sprawling cities of Asia, myPAL Wi-Fi ensures that your digital presence soars as high as your physical one. This service is a testament to Philippine Airlines’ dedication to passenger satisfaction, providing various data plans tailored to different needs, from casual browsing to business-related tasks.

For those flying Business Class, the experience is elevated with complimentary Wi-Fi access. It’s not just about luxury in space and service but also in connectivity. Business travellers can continue their work uninterrupted, while leisure travellers can browse and stream to their heart’s content. The offer includes a generous 100 MB data plan, ensuring that essential tasks can be completed or that favourite shows can be watched without a hitch.a350-1000 pal Economy passengers aren’t left out of the loop. They’re welcomed aboard with a free 10 MB plan, perfect for those quick check-ins or urgent messages. It’s a taste of the digital world from the comfort of your seat. For more extensive needs, additional plans are available for purchase, ensuring that every passenger can customize their in-flight connectivity experience.

Philippine Airlines has crafted these Wi-Fi offerings with a clear understanding that whether you’re in a plush Business Class seat or travelling Economy, the need to stay connected is universal. With myPAL Wi-Fi, Philippine Airlines doesn’t just fly you to your destination; they keep you woven into the fabric of your world every step of the way.

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myPAL Wi-Fi Plans

For travellers curious about the Philippine Airlines WiFi cost, the airline offers a range of myPAL Wi-Fi plans to suit various needs without compromising on budget. Navigating the digital skies with Philippine Airlines is made flexible and convenient with myPAL Wi-Fi plans, designed to cater to a variety of online needs. Whether it’s for a quick update, a business project, or endless browsing, there’s a plan that fits the bill.

1. Complimentary Access:

  • 10 MB Plan: Free for all passengers, ideal for brief check-ins or instant messaging.
  • 100 MB Plan: Exclusive to Business Class passengers and Mabuhay Miles Million Milers, this plan allows for more extensive browsing and is provided at no extra cost.

2. Paid Access:

  • UNLI CHAT: Stay in touch throughout your flight with unlimited access to messaging apps. This plan is exclusively free for Mabuhay Miles members.
  • LIGHT PLAN: At USD 9.98, this 1-hour plan is perfect for those who wish to catch up on social media or send emails.
  • STANDARD PLAN: Priced at USD 15.98, this plan offers 3 hours of internet access, suitable for longer browsing sessions.
  • UNLIMITED Plan: For USD 24.98, passengers can enjoy unlimited data, allowing for streaming, browsing, and staying connected without any restrictions.wifi on philippine airlines

Each plan is valid for a single flight and can be accessed on select international flights and specific aircraft types. The ease of purchase and activation ensures passengers can go online as soon as it’s safe during the flight.

For frequent flyers and loyal customers, Philippine Airlines adds value through its Mabuhay Miles program. Business Class passengers and Million Milers enjoy luxury, comfort, and essential connectivity. Philippine Airlines prioritizes flexibility and choice in crafting these plans. Passengers can tailor their in-flight connectivity to their personal or professional needs.

With myPAL Wi-Fi, the airline ensures your journey in the skies is as connected as you need it to be, with options just a click away.

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How to Access myPAL Wi-Fi

Staying online is simple with Philippine airline WiFi, and accessing myPAL Wi-Fi during your flight requires just a few steps. Here’s how to stay connected at cruising altitude:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Enable Airplane Mode: Start by switching your device to airplane mode, then activate Wi-Fi while keeping cellular data off.
  2. Select the Network: Look for the ‘myPAL’ network in your device’s Wi-Fi settings and select it to connect.
  3. Open Your Browser: Launch your web browser; it should redirect you to the myPAL Wi-Fi portal. If it doesn’t, manually navigate to ‘’.
  4. Choose Your Plan: Select from the complimentary or paid plans based on your needs. For Business Class passengers, enter the code from your scratch card for access.
  5. Enjoy Browsing: Once connected, you’re all set to browse, stream, or work.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If you can’t see the ‘myPAL’ network, ensure Wi-Fi is turned on and try restarting your device.
  • Can’t connect to the network? Check if other passengers are experiencing the same issue; if not, the problem might be with your device.
  • If the portal doesn’t load, clear your browser cache or try a different browser.
  • For interrupted service or slow speeds, disconnect and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

Remember, cabin crew are trained to assist with basic troubleshooting, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. With these steps and tips, myPAL Wi-Fi is ready to keep you connected from takeoff to landing.

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Comparing myPAL Wi-Fi Plans

When it comes to staying connected in the skies, Philippine Airlines’ myPAL Wi-Fi service offers a variety of plans to suit different needs. Here’s a comparative look to help you choose the right one for your journey:

1. Complimentary Plans:

  • 10 MB Free Plan: Ideal for those who need to send a quick message or check their email. It’s a taste of connectivity, perfect for the traveler who can’t wait to be fully online post-flight.
  • 100 MB Business Class Plan: Business travellers can manage their work or indulge in leisure browsing without worrying about the cost. This plan is a nod to the luxury and comprehensive service expected from a Business Class experience.

2. Paid Plans:

  • UNLI CHAT: For passengers whose primary need is to stay in touch via messaging apps, this plan ensures you remain connected without the frills of full internet access.
  • LIGHT PLAN: With 1 hour of access, it’s suited for those who want to catch up on social media or respond to a batch of emails.
  • STANDARD PLAN: Offering 3 hours of connectivity, this plan is for passengers looking to engage in prolonged browsing or complete a work session.
  • UNLIMITED Plan: The best choice for passengers who need continuous access to the internet for the entire duration of their flight, whether it’s for entertainment or work.


  • For the minimalist or budget-conscious, the complimentary 10 MB plan will suffice.
  • Social butterflies or business professionals managing communication in real-time should opt for the UNLI CHAT or LIGHT PLAN.
  • For those planning to use the flight time as a mobile office or who enjoy streaming, the STANDARD or UNLIMITED plans are recommended.

Each plan is crafted to balance cost with connectivity, ensuring that whether you’re a casual browser or a digital powerhouse, there’s a myPAL Wi-Fi option to keep you linked to what matters most.

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Free Wi-Fi Options

Philippine Airlines offers a complimentary myPAL Wi-Fi service to all passengers, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to send that last-minute email or message. philippine airlines (pal)Upon reaching cruising altitude, each passenger can enjoy a free 10 MB data allowance—just enough to touch base with the digital world.

Limitations of the Free Service:

  • Data Cap: The 10 MB limit is quickly consumed with minimal browsing or a couple of emails, making it unsuitable for more data-intensive activities.
  • Speed: As a free service, the connection speed may vary, especially if many passengers access it simultaneously.
  • Accessibility: Free Wi-Fi is available on select flights, so it’s best to check with the airline beforehand or once onboard.

Though the complimentary Wi-Fi is a display of Philippine Airlines’ hospitality, it’s intended for short online tasks. For those needing more than a quick digital fix, paid plans are available to keep you connected for the duration of your flight.

Purchasing Wi-Fi on International Flights

Purchasing Wi-Fi on Philippine Airlines’ international flights is a straightforward process that adds value to your travel experience. Here’s how you can stay connected across borders:

Purchasing Process:

  • Activate Your Device: Once the seatbelt sign is off, set your device to airplane mode, turn on Wi-Fi, and connect to the ‘myPAL’ network.
  • Access the Portal: Open your browser to be redirected to the myPAL Wi-Fi portal. If not redirected, visit ‘’ directly.
  • Select a Plan: Choose from the range of Wi-Fi plans that suit your needs—whether it’s the LIGHT PLAN for casual browsing or the UNLIMITED Plan for non-stop connectivity.
  • Payment: Enter your payment details on the secure portal. You can pay via credit card or redeem a prepaid voucher if you have one.
  • Confirmation: Once the transaction is successful, you’ll receive confirmation, and your plan will activate immediately.

Affordability and Value:

The pricing structure of myPAL Wi-Fi plans is competitive, considering the convenience of staying connected in the air. Plans start as low as USD 9.98, allowing passengers to choose based on their budget and usage needs. The UNLIMITED Plan, priced at USD 24.98, provides the best value for those requiring continuous work or entertainment during the flight.

These plans offer more than just internet access; they maximize your time in the sky. Whether closing a deal, connecting with loved ones, or streaming your favourite series, myPAL Wi-Fi keeps you connected to what matters most.

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Is Wi-Fi available on all Philippine Airlines flights?

Wi-Fi is available on select Philippine Airlines international flights. Check with the airline before your flight for availability.

How can I access free Wi-Fi on Philippine Airlines?

All passengers can access a complimentary 10 MB data plan. Business Class passengers and Mabuhay Miles Million Milers enjoy a free 100 MB plan.

What are the costs for purchasing Wi-Fi on Philippine Airlines?

Wi-Fi plans start at USD 9.98 for a 1-hour LIGHT PLAN, USD 15.98 for a 3-hour STANDARD PLAN, and USD 24.98 for the UNLIMITED Plan.

Can I use myPAL Wi-Fi to stream videos or use social media?

Yes, the UNLIMITED Plan allows for streaming and social media use, while other plans are best for lighter activities like browsing and emailing.

How do I purchase a Wi-Fi plan on Philippine Airlines flights?

Connect to the 'myPAL' network, select a plan on the portal, and pay with a credit card or prepaid voucher.


Wrapping up our digital journey with myPAL Wi-Fi, it’s evident that Philippine Airlines has tailored an expansive connectivity experience. With a range of Wi-Fi plans, they ensure the world is at your fingertips, even at 30,000 feet. The true benefit lies in seamlessly integrating life’s moments, work commitments, and leisure pursuits into your travel itinerary without missing a beat.

Share your high-flying internet experiences with myPAL Wi-Fi. Did it elevate your travel experience? Your stories and feedback guide fellow travellers and the airline in perfecting their service. As you disembark, take a moment to share your thoughts and become a part of the community shaping the future of in-flight connectivity.

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