Imagine you’re 30,000 feet in the air, and the urge to check your emails or scroll through your social media feed kicks in. That’s when you remember—you’re flying with Allegiant Air. But does your ticket to the skies also grant you a ticket to the digital world? The frustration of being disconnected is a modern traveller’s nightmare. We’ve all been there, feeling the itch of digital withdrawal as the plane ascends. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about staying connected to what matters. So, what’s the solution? Allegiant Air offers an in-flight WiFi service, but at what cost? 

How Much Does Allegiant WiFi Cost? Allegiant Air does not offer WiFi on their flights, ensuring ticket costs remain low and the flying experience is streamlined for efficiency and affordability.

Let’s dive into the world of Allegiant Air’s connectivity options and find out how you can stay online without breaking the bank.

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Understanding In-Flight WiFi

Does Allegiant have WiFi? In-flight WiFi is akin to a magic carpet for your digital devices, whisking them to the online world even as you soar above the clouds. It’s the technology that connects you to the internet while on board an aircraft. This airborne internet access is a game-changer for those who need to stay connected, whether for leisurely browsing, urgent emails, or keeping tabs on social media.flight wifi review The technology behind in-flight WiFi is quite fascinating. It operates on two principal systems: air-to-ground and satellite. Air-to-ground WiFi works similarly to mobile phone operations, connecting the aircraft to the nearest ground cell towers. As the plane travels, it hops from one tower to the next, keeping you connected. However, Allegiant Air, prioritizing cost-efficiency and simplicity, has yet to implement this service. Instead of navigating the complexities of in-flight WiFi, they’ve opted to streamline their services, focusing on getting passengers from point A to B without the frills—and extra fees—of internet connectivity.

This approach by Allegiant Air means that while you won’t be able to tweet from your seat, you can enjoy uninterrupted time to relax or catch up on a good book, ensuring a peaceful flight experience free from digital distractions.

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Allegiant Air at a Glance

Allegiant Air, renowned for its ultra-low-cost fares, has been a game-changer in the aviation industry since its inception in 1997. With a business model that’s all about no-frills travel, Allegiant has mastered the art of affordable flights without compromising safety or reliability. Their fleet, consisting mainly of Airbus A320 family aircraft, shuttles passengers to various destinations, primarily across the United States.

Does Allegiant Airlines have WiFi? When it comes to in-flight amenities, Allegiant keeps it simple and sweet. You won’t find a labyrinth of luxury options, but you will find comfortable seating, a selection of refreshments for purchase, and friendly service. The absence of in-flight WiFi is a testament to their commitment to keeping costs down for their customers. Instead, Allegiant encourages passengers to download content before flying, ensuring that even without internet access, entertainment is still on the menu. This simplicity is Allegiant’s hallmark, offering a straightforward, no-surprises flying experience.

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Allegiant WiFi Availability

In the bustling world of air travel, where digital connectivity is often a given, Allegiant Air takes a different flight path. As of now, Allegiant does not offer WiFi on any of its flights. This decision aligns with their mission to provide low-cost, no-frills service to their passengers. By forgoing the complex and costly installation of WiFi systems, Allegiant ensures that the savings are passed on to the customers, keeping their fares competitively low.allegiant-airlines-plane

Allegiant’s fleet, which predominantly consists of the Airbus A320 family, is tailored to short to medium-haul domestic routes. The airline specializes in connecting smaller, underserved cities with world-class leisure destinations across the continental United States. Whether you’re jetting off to sunny Florida or exploring the neon-lit streets of Las Vegas, the common thread across all Allegiant flights is the absence of WiFi. This uniformity in service means that whether you’re on a quick hop or a cross-country journey, the digital detox remains the same.

This approach by Allegiant may seem counterintuitive in our always-online culture, but it’s a conscious choice to keep travel simple and affordable. For those who board an Allegiant flight, it’s a chance to unplug, unwind, and perhaps enjoy the rarity of being offline.

Cost of Allegiant WiFi

Navigating the cost of in-flight WiFi can often feel like a treasure hunt, with prices buried under layers of service tiers and flight lengths. However, with Allegiant Air, the map is refreshingly straightforward. There is no WiFi and, thus, no cost to consider. This is a rarity in an industry where in-flight connectivity has become as common as complimentary peanuts.

In contrast, other airlines offer a spectrum of WiFi packages. Some may charge a flat fee, typically $5 to $20, for a single flight segment. Others offer hourly rates or a full-day pass. For frequent flyers, monthly subscriptions or annual passes are also available. These often cost anywhere from $30 to $600, depending on the airline and the scope of the service.

While Allegiant’s lack of WiFi means passengers don’t have to navigate a maze of pricing options, it also means they miss out on potential perks that come with airline loyalty programs. Many carriers provide complimentary WiFi to their elite members. They offer it as a redeemable reward for accumulated miles or points.

The absence of a WiFi service on Allegiant flights is a double-edged sword. On one edge, it cuts down on costs for the airline and its passengers.

For those who fly Allegiant, the skies offer a respite from the constant pings of online life. It’s a return to the days of in-flight magazines, conversations with neighbours, or the lost art of gazing out the window. And while some may see this as a drawback, others embrace the opportunity to disconnect. They find value in the quiet time above the clouds.

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How to Access Allegiant WiFi

As we’ve established, Allegiant Air does not offer WiFi on any of its flights.

Therefore, there isn’t a step-by-step guide for connecting to WiFi on board an Allegiant aircraft, nor are there troubleshooting steps for in-flight connectivity issues. However, for travellers accustomed to staying connected, this might initially seem like a predicament. The key is preparation.

Before your flight, Allegiant recommends downloading any necessary content—be it work documents, movies, music, or books—so that you have everything you need to stay entertained or productive while in the air. For those who might find themselves in a digital bind, here’s a proactive guide to ensure a smooth ‘offline’ flight experience with Allegiant:

  1. Pre-Flight Downloading: Prior to boarding, use the airport WiFi to download any entertainment or work-related materials.
  2. Offline Apps: Ensure your apps have offline functionality enabled and content is fully downloaded and accessible without an internet connection.
  3. Battery Life: Charge your devices fully before the flight or bring a portable charger to avoid running out of power mid-flight.
  4. Syncing Documents: If you plan to work, sync your documents to your device’s local storage from cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  5. Entertainment Prep: Load your tablet or smartphone with movies, music, podcasts, or e-books. Many streaming services offer a download option for offline viewing.
  6. Printed Materials: Consider bringing physical materials like books or printouts if you’re wary of relying solely on digital devices.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your time on an Allegiant flight is both enjoyable and productive, even without the luxury of in-flight WiFi.

Speed and Restrictions

Does Allegiant Air have WiFi? Since Allegiant Air does not provide in-flight WiFi, there are no metrics for speed or data restrictions to discuss. Without WiFi services, internet speed becomes irrelevant. There are no concerns about hitting data caps or encountering blocked sites aboard an Allegiant flight. In an era where digital speed and freedom are highly valued, the absence of WiFi on Allegiant might seem like a step back. However, it’s a deliberate choice that keeps the airline’s operations lean and ticket prices lower.allegiant-air

This decision removes any need for passengers to worry about whether they can stream their favourite show at high quality. They won’t be able to send an email before they land. For those who might be concerned about restrictions, the only limitations are those of your device’s storage capacity and battery life. Passengers can access any content they have saved on their devices. They can access downloaded Netflix shows to pre-loaded work presentations without concern for airline-imposed internet restrictions. In summary, while Allegiant’s lack of WiFi means passengers won’t be browsing the web, they’re free from the frustrations of slow connections, dropped signals, and content limitations. These limitations can sometimes plague in-flight internet services.

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Customer Experiences with Allegiant WiFi 

Do Allegiant flights have WiFi? Given that Allegiant Air does not offer WiFi on their flights, customer experiences and reviews regarding WiFi service are non-existent. However, this absence of in-flight connectivity does contribute to the overall customer sentiment about the airline’s service offerings. The general consensus among Allegiant passengers reflects an understanding and acceptance of the trade-off between ticket cost and amenities.

Customers who choose Allegiant prioritize affordability and convenience over luxury and digital connectivity. Reviews often highlight the airline’s cost-effectiveness and the ease of direct flights to smaller airports, which bypasses the hassle of layovers. Without WiFi as a service to review, passengers focus on the airline’s comfortable seating, friendly staff, and efficient boarding process.

Some reviews express appreciation for the opportunity to unplug. They cite the forced digital detox as a welcome break from the constant connectivity of daily life. Others mention preparing for the flight by downloading content beforehand. They indicate that with proper planning, the lack of WiFi can be a non-issue. On the flip side, there are travelers who, despite understanding Allegiant’s low-cost model, express the desire for in-flight WiFi. They note it would enhance their travel experience, especially on longer flights.

These passengers often compare Allegiant to other airlines that offer connectivity, even if it comes with a fee. In summary, while some passengers do miss the convenience of in-flight WiFi, the majority of Allegiant’s customers seem to appreciate the airline’s lower fares and straightforward services. They accept the absence of WiFi as part of the low-cost flying experience.

Alternatives to Using Allegiant WiFi

In the absence of in-flight WiFi on Allegiant Air, passengers can turn to a variety of offline entertainment options to enrich their travel experience. Here are some tips to stay entertained without the need for a WiFi connection:

  • Download Before You Fly: Leverage airport WiFi to download movies, series, podcasts, or music playlists onto your device. Services like Netflix, Spotify, and Apple Music offer options to enjoy content offline.
  • E-Readers and Audiobooks: Load your e-reader with books or download audiobooks. Many local libraries offer free digital rentals that don’t require an internet connection once downloaded.
  • Mobile Games and Apps: Install games that don’t require internet access. Puzzle games, RPGs, and strategy games can be engaging ways to pass the time.
  • Work Offline: If you plan to be productive, ensure that all necessary documents are available offline. Tools like Google Docs and Microsoft Office have offline modes that can be activated before your flight.
  • Battery Life: Maximize your device’s battery by dimming the screen, closing unnecessary apps, and switching to airplane mode.
  • Creative Outlets: Consider non-digital activities like journaling, sketching, or knitting. These can be meditative and a refreshing change from screen time.
  • Sleep and Relaxation: Download a meditation app or a white noise playlist to help you relax or sleep, especially on longer flights.

By preparing your devices and bringing along a few non-digital items, you can ensure that your time on an Allegiant flight is enjoyable and perhaps even productive, all without the need for WiFi.


Can you use WiFi on Allegiant flights?

No, Allegiant flights do not currently offer WiFi. Passengers are encouraged to download content prior to their flight for entertainment.

How do I prepare my device for an Allegiant flight?

Before boarding, download any necessary entertainment or work files, ensure your apps have offline access, and fully charge your device or carry a power bank.

What are the best ways to stay entertained on an Allegiant flight without WiFi?

Download movies, music, or books, bring physical reading materials, enjoy offline games, or engage in creative activities like drawing or journaling.

Does Allegiant Air offer any in-flight entertainment options?

Allegiant Air does not offer in-flight WiFi or personal entertainment systems. Passengers should plan to bring their own entertainment for the flight.

Are there power outlets on Allegiant flights to charge devices?

Allegiant Air's aircraft generally do not have power outlets. It's recommended to charge your devices before your flight or bring a portable charger.


In conclusion, Allegiant Air’s in-flight services currently do not include WiFi. This decision is a cornerstone of their commitment to keeping flights affordable. By avoiding the complex infrastructure needed for internet connectivity, Allegiant ensures passengers aren’t burdened with extra costs. In an industry where many airlines rush to provide faster and more extensive WiFi services, often at a premium, Allegiant stands out for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. For those who fly Allegiant, the journey is an invitation to disconnect. It’s a chance to relax and enjoy the savings that come with a no-WiFi policy.

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