Each home’s address indicates the accurate location, identifying the street, city, town, and State. Similarly, when two people communicate on the Internet, they also carry an address. Precisely, this is how they convey information to each other.

Such addresses of the Internet where information or data is being processed and dispatched is known as the Internet Protocol (IP) Address. is one such address that acts as the connecting link between two devices.

It helps the sender connect to the particular IP Address to share the information with another device, i.e., another IP address.

Here is the guide to IP –

The following topics discuss how to function with the IP address and log in to yours for reconfigurations.

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IP – Functioning

IP is identified as the primary access point for home internet broadband routers. This broad array of models falls under this category, including Belkin and SMC models. Every device has default pre-set IP points. After purchase, the points can change by choice of the user through any local network. The entire system is a private network address; thus, a particular IP Address will work for one device as the other devices may fall outside the local network.


These routers, which carry the IP Address, shall help the user create a link to an administrative console. Technological advancements have brought a step-by-step user guide to organize the router and the IP address.

Generally, the IP addresses are easily accessible, and if there arise any problems regarding setting up the connection, the user shall follow the troubleshooting options as mentioned below:

  1. The first step is to check and verify the device’s connectivity to Ethernet.
  2. Then, the user shall ensure bears and provides the rightful IP Address.
  3. A dialogue box appears to confirm if they are entering the proper IP Address of the Router.
  4. Monitor if there are any conflicts of IP Address.
  5. The user is requested to check and ensure the entered password is valid.
  6. Test for any issues or problems related to the web browser.
  7. The router’s settings must reset following the needs and preferences of the user.
  8. The user may now upgrade and try another firmware for the router if needed.
  9. Now, the user should check for the lights that flicker in the router, indicating the flow of data and power.
  10. It is time to alter and modify the Wi-Fi password as the situation allows.

If none of the actions above works for the user, then the user may try using other devices.

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IP – Process For Login

  1. The prominent method for logging into an IP Address is straightforward. It does not mandate the user to have technical knowledge.
  2. Anyone wishing to connect to such an IP Address must enter in the web browser. Now, enter the details.
  3. A dialogue box will appear on the screen of the monitor or the connected device, which shall require the user to enter the username and password of the valid IP Address.
  4. These credentials shall be mentioned or pre-set at the manufacturing instance itself. As discussed above, the same shall change after the user’s purchase and be entered according to the present set of credentials.
  5. There may be instances where there are reception or network problems; thus, the router shall automatically disconnect.
  6. It is further followed by a dialogue box stating the issue related to network or reception and shall be called the error alert.
  7. It shall elaborately explain the reasons for the error that has occurred. Upon seeing the alert, the user shall exit the page and take the necessary steps to connect to the network.

Check the login process for other IP addresses:

Steps To Take Where The User Forgets The Credentials

Humans share a common disease called ‘forgetting.’ The users may sometimes forget the username and password of the respective IP Address. Though it may seem very common, forgetting the credentials is complex. There are no ways of recovering the passwords and the username. The only way to reset your system back to operative State is by resetting it back to the Factory Settings mode. The router will finally reach the State where the initial pre-set login information is utilized to access the address.

Here are the three steps for performing a reset. The steps are as follows:

  1. Keeping the router powered on, press and continuously hold the reset button on the router for 30 seconds.
  2. As holding the reset button, the user shall turn off the router’s power and continue to keep the reset button for 30 more seconds.
  3. Without leaving hold of the reset button.
  4. Turn the router’s power back on, and press the button for 30 seconds.

Following these steps, the router shall return to its factory settings.

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How can Android users share Wi-Fi passwords?

From the menu, choose Network and Internet > Internet. However, tap the cog symbol next to the network's name to share the password for that network. Lastly, select Share.

Can I set up port forwarding using the admin page?

Yes. You can set up port forwarding on many routers using the admin interface. You can also send network traffic to particular networked devices by employing port forwarding.

Can I administer my network remotely using

No. The admin page at on some routers does permit remote administration of network settings. However, enabling remote management can prevent security hazards if not adequately secured.

What differentiates connecting to from linking to any other website?

It differs by entering the address It is utilized to set up network settings. Hence, you require communication with distant servers to access websites on the internet.


Thus, the performance and the proper working of the system or an IP Address depend solely on the levels and strengths of the network. These network systems are essential and often used in schools, houses, and working offices. It is advisable to change the credentials after the purchase for security reasons. Thus, the Internet Protocol (IP) Address has always been a helping tool towards technological advancements.

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