An IP address is a TCP. Every computer that connects other devices to an IP network, such as printers, routers, mobile devices, etc., has an identifier to detect and identify other nodes on the network. is one such IP address. Read on to know more about it.

IP addresses are usually displayed in human-readable notes such as IPv4  and IPv6. Internet-assigned numbers restrict IP address space globally and are responsible in particular areas by five regional Internet registries (RIRs) to terminate users and local registries such as Internet service providers.

On the Internet, two types of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are in use. These are static and dynamic IP addresses.

About IP Address IP is an intranet IP address, usually assigned to devices. The intranet may also have another IP,, commonly used as an external gateway; this device is typically a WiFi wireless router or switch with a networking routing function. IP has many purposes, like external entrances and internal networks. It is often a WiFi wireless router or switches with a routing function. 

A router can use multiple IPs as a login address, but is one of the standard addresses. Note that the default IP access address differs for routers of other brands, and users can modify the default address. 

192168010 login

To manage your router, fill in in your browser’s address bar. After successfully accessing the router management panel, you can adjust and set the following options: IP Qos, DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, Network Management, Security Options, WLAN Settings, PPPOE, MAC, WPS, DSL, and DHCP Clients end.

How to Login into

Follow these simple steps to log into

login to

  1. Enter in the address bar of the browser. If your router’s IP address is not, please refer to the router’s manual or router address on the back and your router management address in the default username and password. enter ip address
  2. Enter the name and password to log in to the router. Usually, both the default username and password are administrators.login 192.168.010

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What To Do If You Forget The Router’s Username And Password?

If you forget your login username and password, you must reset your wireless router or ADSL modem. You can find the default name and password of the router through the above method. If you still can’t find it, you can reset the router. 

reset router

The router has a hidden reset button. When the device is on, press the reset button on the router for more than 10 seconds with a toothpick. Then, release to restore the factory configuration to the device and restart automatically.

List Of Routers Using IP Address

               Router Brand             Common Default IP Address 



                    Card King                             













              SMC Networks                               

How To Troubleshoot Router Errors?

If you are not able to unlock the router login interface, then follow these steps  to troubleshoot the router errors:

troubleshoot router errors

  1. Please ensure that you properly connect the router and computer and that the router’s LAN port is on and as per the respective indicator. 
  2. Set the computer’s IP to receive it automatically
  3. Make sure that the address you entered is the router management address
  4. Check the alteration of the router port: If remote management is enabled on the router and the router’s management port is modified, you must log in as http: // management IP: nn, nn is changed port number, e.g.,
  5. Ensure that the browser is set to proxy mode. If the browser is ready for the default automatic dialling or proxy server function, it’ll fail to log in to the management interface.
  6.  The router enables Forced IP and MAC address routers. It will fail to log in to the management interface if incorrect. If router management forgets the IP or port, reset the router to factory settings.

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What is the login for my router?

Usually, next to the login URL or default IP address, you may find the default router login details on the back of the router. Suppose you can't recall your login information. In that case, your router may require a factory reset.

How do I get the 192.168 1.128 WIFI details?

However, most of the routers require the login details initially. If your router is the same as the router, open the equipment and see the label on the backside. Hence, you can quickly see the default login details.

Is the WPS PIN the WiFi password?

These two codes are not equivalent, no. You'll still need to input the wireless network password to connect to your preferred network, even after entering the WPS PIN.

How can I secure my TP-Link network?

Enable WPA3 or WPA2 encryption, alter the default login information, create a strong WiFi password, and frequently update the router's software to protect your TP-Link network.

Conclusion Private IP address is also known as LAN IP, Internal Network IP, Private Network IP. Private IPs cannot directly connect to the Internet. You must use address translation (Network Address Translator, NAT) or a proxy server to connect to the public Internet., private IP is complementary compared to public IP addresses, and the IP address resource is saved and suitable for use in local area networks. Private IPs cannot be accessed directly from the Internet, which is more secure than public IP addresses. Private IP has many purposes in homes, schools, and corporate LANs.

LAN devices (e.g., computers, mobile phones, Internet TV, etc.) all use private IPs and connect to external networks via routers. The router has internal and external network IPs acting as intermediate bridges. To make related settings, you can access the router management interface through an intranet address. For details, see the manuals of the various routers.

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