The scope of studying IP addresses is very vast, which I am sure you much have figured out by now. Our topic of the day is IP address It belongs to the list of IP addresses reserved to be used as private ones. The IP address comes in use within the other private addresses (kind of nesting). Now that we are already aware of the initial one-line introduction. So, why not brush up on the basics before proceeding further?

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By now, we know what IP addresses are. They are numerical series that come in use for the purpose of providing a unique and distinct identity to the system. Also, humans would fail splendidly if they ever had to memorize IP addresses. For our own convenience, and for others’ who’d come after us, a standard method comes in use. This standard method was known as the Domain Name System (DNS for short). In simple words, it converts the Domain names to IP addresses. Transformation of what we type into a series of numbers takes place.

Domain Names, just like IP addresses, are another element of Identification, but with a different format. Domain names are usually strings of alphabets(most commonly 2-3 letters long). When you type an email ID, e.g., “” Ever wondered what “.com” is? Its the domain name. But it cannot be so simple, can it? So how does it work?

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Sneak Peek Into Domain Name System

Without making it too complicated, let me tell you. It is a naming system. Division of system into levels, this division is in a hierarchical manner, starting from the main branch, treading all the way to the last leaf. For the converting procedure, the domain names are mapped to the IP addresses. In the early stages, it was all manual. domain name system

The Domain names and the IPs they correspond to has to be written down in huge ledger-like books. But as the Addresses increased, that became impractical and impossible to maintain. As a result, today’s computerized system came into existence, which has become a revolution now. This was about DNS, just to make things a little brighter.

Unveiling All About 

Coming back to, it is from the reserved private IP addresses, which range from to It comes under the C class of the IP addressing. It utilizes the IPv4 protocol for its operations. These kinds of IP addresses come in use to assign to various devices apart from routers. The camera is the most common example of this. Like other IP addresses, from this very range (192.168.X.X), this IP address is not the first choice for Default Gateways.

unveiling all about

It is a private IP address, so it cannot come in use to send out data packets. To make that possible, you will have to use it as a medium, something like a proxy server. The private IP addresses are also known as Internal addresses. The name comes from the fact that they come in use within houses/institutions. The private IP addresses like are most suited to be used in home networks. These are not specific to anyone. You and your neighbor both might be having the same IP address suppose But it won’t affect any of you. The reason is both are private IP addresses, and they can’t see each other. Hence working in isolation as if they were Unique (which they are not).

Of course, it also allows you are logging in to your admin settings. The most common ID and password in the case of are “admin/admin”(excluding quotes).

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How Do I Find My IP Address?

It’s a million-dollar question. The answer is straight-forward. To know your router’s address, which is a necessity for making any changes:

  1. Open command prompt of your computer(by typing cmd in your computer’s search bar).
  2. You will encounter a black window. It is the command prompt. Type the command ipconfig. Wait for a few seconds.
  3. It will display a number of things, like your IPv4 address(IP address), default gateways, etc. Jot down whatever you need.

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Everything You Need To Know About Logging In to Router using

We can access our router’s setting using, thus enabling you to make modifications that suit you. These modifications can range from changing Wifi’s name to login details to more complicated security-related settings.

But for doing all this, you need to log in to the system. Steps are as follows:

  1. Make sure your router connection is proper. You don’t want connectivity problems while logging in. Also, make sure you have a working and stable internet with good bandwidth.
  2. This step is the same old one. Open your web browser(chrome would be the best, honestly). Then type your IP address in your search bar(“”). (its located on the top of browser screen).Take care of the separating dots.
  3. After waiting for just a few seconds, you will see the admin settings screen in front of you. Now you can make the alterations of your choice.

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 In the Case Of Forgetting Details(User ID or Password)

Let us be honest; Forgetfulness is inevitable in humans. We might forget something at some point in time. What if that “something” is our router’s login Credentials? (Username or Password or both)Then the option you are left with is the factory reset. There is a tiny button at the back of your router, keep maintaining pressure on that for around 30-40 seconds. You can use some thin sharp object if you can’t manage with your finger.

resetting method
resetting method

After some seconds, the router will be reset, Undoing any previous changes that you did. Now you can log in using default ID and password. You can keep the default credentials, though I’d suggest you change it. Default passwords jeopardize the security of your system, making it more accessible to hackers.

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 Some Other Points To Bear In Mind

  • If typing IP address does not take you to admin settings, your router may have some other IP address. I have explained above how to find it.
  • Your Default Gateway and IP address can be different. So you need to be careful.
  • Don’t place colons/semi-colons while typing the IP addresses. You need to sort the dots.

default gateway and ip address can be different


What is the 192 168 admin password?

It's crucial to remember that for this specific configuration, the default IP address is, and the default login username and password are ‘admin,’ both in lowercase. These credentials are pivotal for gaining access to and configuring the associated device.

What is my Wi-Fi IP address?

From the list of available Wi-Fi networks, actively choose the one to which you are currently connected. Proceed by clicking on ‘Properties’ within the menu that promptly appears. Within the ‘Properties’ section, diligently locate your IP address, as it will be prominently listed next to ‘IPv4 address.’

Does Wi-Fi have an IP address?

Yes, they do. Mobile devices play an active role in initiating requests, whether through a Wi-Fi network or a cellular network. When connected to a Wi-Fi network, each requesting device actively inherits the IP address of the Wi-Fi router. Consequently, all users sharing the same Wi-Fi connection actively possess an identical IP address.

Can two devices have the same IP?

In network configurations, it's imperative to observe that only one device should share the same IP address unless positioned behind a NAT (Network Address Translation) device. Specifically, computers depend on routers to actively facilitate communication with devices outside their designated logical subnet.


This guide will help you with almost anything related to I have tried to squeeze in everything in this article. I really hope this article was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any other suggestions to include in this guide. I would be more than happy to hear from you!:)

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