ZyXEL is an international brand that is famous for selling its world-famous routers. The article below discusses ZyXEL routers setup and login for models like ZyXEL VMG4381 B10A. It will also additionally mention the login and setup by Cincinnati Bell, a regional telecommunications brand hailing from Ohio, a state in the United States of America. Read down more to find out about setting up and logging in to your ZyXEL router:-

Before setting up and logging into your ZyXEL router, read the manual, which contains information such as your ZyXEL VMG4381 B10A router’s IP address, default password, and username.

Read the article below if you’ve misplaced your handbook or can’t find the information you need to be buried beneath piles of words. To access the router page, ensure you have a stable internet connection.

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Login to ZyXEL VMG4381 B10A Router

Below are the steps to Login to ZyXEL VMG4381 B10A Router.

Step 1:

Turn on your computer and launch Google Chrome or another web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Step 2:

enter default ip address

To open your router’s internet user interface, enter your router’s default IP address,, in the address or search bar of your web browsers.

Step 3:

enter username and password

You will be sent to a screen with two text boxes where you must input your credentials, such as login and password. Enter your username and password if you haven’t already done so, or else type in the default username and password, which are “admin” and “1234”, respectively.

Step 4:

After entering your credentials or the default username and password, press the enter key to bring up the control panel for your ZyXEL VMG4381 B10A.

control panel zyxel

List of Default IP Addresses

In case for Step 2 the default IP address of; does not work you can try this list of other default IP addresses given below:-

6 Access it via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
18 192.168.1001

Other Default IP addresses

These will work in case the one above list is not.

In case for Step 3, the default credentials (password and username) do not work; you can try the following set of usernames and passwords given below. 

Username Password
Printed on Routers Label Printed on Routers Label
adminpldt 1234567890
admin 1234
(blank) 1234
n/a 1234
admin admin
(blank) admin
user 1234
admin (blank)
1234 1234
(blank) (blank)
admin password
webadmin 1234
admin telus
supervisor supervisor
on bottom of router on bottom of router
admin Printed on router label
admin Last of 4 routers mac address
cht chtnvdsl
admin randomly generated
on sticker under the router on sticker under the router

If the above username and passwords do not work, the working of at least one of these is guaranteed.

If none of the above steps work for you and you can still not access your ZyXEL VMG4381 B10A router, your modem must be reset. You will have a small black hole or a button on the back of your router. If it is a button, press it on for about twenty seconds; if it is a small hole, use a toothpick or a safety pin and insert it for twenty seconds. After this, your router will be set up to the default router settings, and you can proceed with all the steps mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Cincinnati Bell ZyXEL Router Setup

To set up your Wi-Fi and password for router model 660/ 4381 by ZyXEL, follow the steps given below:-

Step 1:

Start Google Chrome or another web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Safari, by turning on your computer or device.

Step 2:

In the address bar, type the Cincinnati Bell ZyXEL router IP, and hit enter.

cincinnati bell zyxel router ip

For security reasons, you will be asked to accept the following set of conditions, and you will click on the blue “I Agree,” and the page will open.

Step 3:

  1. Drag your mouse over the Network Settings tab at the bottom of the page.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose Wireless.wireless settings zyxel
  3. Your current Wireless Internet Name (Service set identifier/SSID) and Password must be discovered on the Wi-Fi tab.
  4. There is an Edit button under Action. To update your login information, click on that and enter a username and password of your choice.

Step 4:

If you want to change your Service set Identifier, you have two ways to change it: setting it up on the device you are using or the modem. Cincinnati Bell has always advised people never to change their SSIDs as this contains valuable unique information related to the modem, like identification codes and other keys.


Changing your SSID should be your last resort if there is no way to solve the issue. If you still want to set it up on your device, you will have to use the unique key below your modem to perform the Cincinnati Bell router login.

That’s it! You’re done and all set.

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Why am I unable to access my ZyXEL router?

Correct your username or password if you cannot access the router. After modifying both, write down the details. If you don’t know your login password, try carefully resetting your router.

How to access the ZyXEL router admin?

In the address area of your browser, enter or hit the return key on your keyboard after typing It will then display the router login screen. To continue the setup, enter the device password on the login screen. Also, the Zyxel router's default password is 1234.

What is the default WIFI name for ZyXEL?

Look at the sticker on the router's back to connect via Wi-Fi. The SSID for the default network, which should begin with ZyXEL, is provided on the right side of the device. The password is located below (WPA-PSK) on the sticker. On your device, you ought to see a network with this name.

How do I update ZyXEL?

Launch a web browser, open to the following address, https://portal.myzyxel.com, and log in to your account. Locate the ZLD router you want to download firmware for once you are in your account dashboard. Lastly, return to the Firmware Update column and click Download.

Why must routers be reset?

Every so often, routers need to be refreshed. Your router's memory can run out up until the point at which its operation stops. However, a quick reboot will solve this problem, as smart routers are better at identifying channels with lower traffic during this time.


This article discusses how we can set up and log in to a ZyXEL router of a specific model, i.e., VMG4381 B10A. It also gives us a list of extra IP addresses, usernames, and passwords to try out if the factory setup defaults do not work out for some reason. We even looked at Cincinnati Bell’s router login. We also look at some troubleshooting problems and frequently asked questions by people and answer them in the FAQ section. If this article does not solve your problem, you are likely advised to contact the dealer from whom you brought the router and get service support.

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