Top Remote Desktop Connection Manager to Use in 2023

remote desktop connection manager

Distance should never impede your essential tasks. The topic I’m going to discuss is on these lines only. By the end of the article, you’ll know all about the Remote desktop connection manager. Also, I’m going to enlist some Remote desktop connection manager out there, along with their features.

You might not know this, but this tool is for managing remote connections. But we won’t stop at just that. Let us get on, step by step.

Firstly, what is remote access? As necessary as it is, it forms the foundation of all else.

Remote access is controlling a device from afar. When you’re not physically near the device, but you can still work with it. Precisely, called as remotely accessing the device.

So what could a remote desktop connection manager be? Naturally, it allows you to take care of all the connections you make remotely easily. Seems interesting right?

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Why Do We Need A Remote Desktop Connection Manager?

To answer the question, note that we’ve used the word “connections” previously. That means, there may be multiple connections. More the number of connections, higher is the bar of difficulty.

As they become more and more challenging to manage, we require machine intervention. The remote desktop connection manager cater to that requirement. The purpose of the designed and integrated functions are for helping admins and programmers with their remote connections.

There is a range of remote desktop connection manager out there. I’ve chosen the cream for you. You can filter further, according to what may suit you.

The 3 Best Remote Desktop Connection Manager

I’ve listed below the tools that, in my opinion, are the best. Go through them. They may seem to do the same task, but there is a distinctiveness to each of them.

Dameware Remote Everywhere

Our first remote desktop connection manager is as good as the rhyme to its name. Dsteameware provides cloud-based service and the ability to take control of any platform. From the classic Windows PC to the high-end Mac, and everything in between. It works with and for everything.

Dameware Remote Everywhere
Dameware Remote Everywhere

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  • It provides you the facility of remote restart or shutdown. Apart from that, it gives a bunch of remote troubleshooting options. How cool is that?
  • It has a handy screen sharing tool. Screen sharing means that your acquaintance on the other side passes you the screen control. So both of you can alter and see what is happening. That is particularly useful for online studies.
  • Finally, dameware remote offers you a video conferencing facility. So it’s like a complete package. It provides everything a man may expect from a remote desktop connection manager.

Visit : Dameware Remote Everywhere 


Next up is the mRemoteNG. It is a remote desktop connection manager that has remote in its name!! It is one of the most robust ones. The star feature is that it can handle any remote connection. Telnet and HTTP protocols, to name a few.

Also, it is a multitab connection manager. So? What is the fuss? The fuss is that, with the feature, you can have more than one connection open at a time. You can handle them all at once—no need to close one tab and open another connection in that. You can manage them all without any unnecessary trouble.



  • Both from a user’s and a developer’s POV, it has a structured and clean interface. That makes it easy to operate and to please to look at.
  • The remote desktop connection manager keeps your credentials safe for you. You can retrieve them when you need them. It saves you the trouble of remembering and forgetting numerous passwords. And the problem of resetting them afterward.
  • It also provides support for full-screen viewing. Do I need to mention that it aids clarity?

Visit : mRemoteNG

Dameware Mini Remote Control 

It is another remote desktop connection manager from the house of dameware. It seems to be popular in the domain. The thing that pops in first when you research about it is the screen sharing option.

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Due to the easy screen sharing, it is used by the majority of IT personnel to communicate with their clients. People who handle helplines and desks to get a look at remote problems also use this tool.

Dameware Mini Remote Control
Dameware Mini Remote Control


  • It provides you the screenshotting facility. You can take snapshots of whatever you deem necessary. It can be useful in solving your problem as well as others’.
  • It blocks the users’ keyboard, which is a huge step from the POV of security. Also, it prevents a user from messing things up, intentionally or unintentionally!!
  • The dameware provides you two other much sought-after features. The first is a reliable and secure transfer of files between the parties involved. In case of a mess up, you can chat with the user. That is the other convenience it puts at your disposal.

Visit : Dameware Mini Remote Control 


That was all concerning the remote desktop connection manager, which is a tool aiming at a more comfortable user experience. The tool can come in quite handy if you know what you need from it. So read what I wrote above. Get a clear picture in your head and choose whichever you want to.

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