Xiaomi was founded in the year 2010. It was founded by serial entrepreneur  Lei Jun. Xiaomi is a Chinese company that deals in hardware, software, and internet-related technologies and services. Xiaomi has spread its user in over 30 countries and regions and is a household name today.

To Do A Xiaomi / MI Router Login, internet connecting device,  find a stable internet connection (most preferably through your MI router only), the IP address of your router, and the username and password of your router.


In this article, we will look at one such product and service the Xiaomi brand provides, sometimes called MI. We will be looking at the MI routers and the various steps through which its users can do a Xiaomi router login, make amendments, and customize their settings.

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The things that you will require for an MI router login are an internet connecting device, a stable internet connection (most preferably through your MI router only), the IP address of your router, and the username and password of your router.

How To Get IP Address Of MI Router?

To get your router’s IP address, go through the instruction manual provided along with the router; the device’s IP address (in this case, the router) will be mentioned in the manual. But in most cases, people misplace the manual or are too lazy to go through the whole manual line by line. In such cases, you can search for the IP address by the ipconfig method or by using the default IP address, which a significant portion of MI users claims to work in the case of their router.

The most widely used default MI router login IP address is

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Alternative Method

The other method to find the router’s IP address is through the “ipconfig” command. For this, you need a Windows device, and you should be connected to the internet via your Ethernet cable through one of the ports. Then you need to use the “ipconfig” command.

  1. Open your Windows device, and on the homepage, press the Windows button along with the “R” key on your Windows device.



2. This will send a command to your device, and a prompt will appear on the screen. In that prompt screen, type “cmd” into the input.cmd run

3. This will initiate another prompt appearing as soon as you enter the “cmd” command. The prompt will be in the form of a code/ programming you need to either type “ipconfig” or “find/ i “Gateway” on the screen and then hit the enter key.

ipconfig cmd

ipconfig cmd enter

You will find a series of details. The series of numbers mentioned against the “Default Gateway” is the IP address of your router device. In Windows, the IP address is referred to as the Default Gateway

If your device is among the list provided below, you can directly use the IP address 

  1. MiWiFi 3
  2. MiWiFi4A
  3. MiWiFi3A
  4. MiWiFi3C
  5. MiWiFi4
  6. MiWiFi3G
  7. MiWiFi HD
  8. MiWiFiHDR3D
  9. MiWiFiLite
  10. MiWiFiMini
  11. MiWiFiMiniR1CM
  12. MiWiFiPro
  13. MiWiFiProR3P
  14. MiWiFiR1D
  15. MiWiFi (R1D)
  16. MiWiFiR2D
  17. MiWiFi (R2D)
  18. MiWiFi R3
  19. MiWiFiR3C

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Additional Steps

Now that you have your MI router’s IP address, you can proceed with the MI router login process.

Bring your internet connecting device and connect it with the Ethernet cable of your router to have a stable connection. Sometimes there is a chance of suddenly losing the convention while using the Wireless network. If it happens, you may lose the changes made if you have not yet saved the changes, and you have to labor again, and no one would like to do it all over again.

  1. Launch the browser. Choose from any of the browsers; there is no hard and fast rule regarding the usage of the browser. ( Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.)

browser launching


2. In the search bar, type the IP address and hit enter.

type the ip address

3. You will be directly redirected to the MI router login page of the web-based user interface.



4. On that page, you will see two empty spaces provided next to the username and password. It would help to input your MI WIFI login username and password there.

As soon as you correctly fill in the username and password and press the login.  There will be the homepage of your MI WIFI router login. 

You will see all the settings as well as all the details of your router connection. You can now make any customizations as you please.

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What Are My Username and Password?

You can find the default username and password in the manual and router box. Check the back of the router and the base of the router. You will find it written on the router or pasted on it.

You can even try to log in using the commonly used default username and password for the MI router login:

The commonly used username and password are (blank) and admin, respectively. Try logging in by typing (blank) in the box next to username and admin to the following password.

The password might have been changed if you cannot do the MIWIFI login using the default username and password. And now, you have to give the new password. Only then will you be able to log in? If you don’t remember making this change or have forgotten the password, then to log in, you have to reset the whole router. But make sure you have enough knowledge in this regard or seek the help of an expert while resetting because this will reset the complete router settings and not just the password. 


reset button


To reset the router, search for a small hole-like thing on the router; bring a toothpick, pen, or sim ejector pin to insert into the hole. Press and hold for 25 to 30 seconds to reset the router. Once the router is reset, you can log in using the default username and password.


Does the router get damaged?

Yes. Routers damage and malfunction due to heat stress. When connecting your numerous devices, the router generates heat that could damage wires and other internal parts. Heat can escape through vents on them.

Is it safe to add a Mi account?

Yes. Mi Account safeguards your security and privacy. They also collect the data necessary to provide the most incredible experience. Hence, they also employ industry-standard practices, including two-factor authentication, to ensure the account's security.

How do I reset my Mi recovery account?

If you've forgotten your password or need to prove your identity, use your recovery phone number or email address. When you change your password or make other security-related changes to your Mi Account, Mi may send confirmation messages or important information to your phone number or email address.

How can I find my Mi router's IP address?

The router's back has the IP address. Use the admin panel to access the router's default login and password. However, if you don't remember the login details, try one of the default Xiaomi router passwords.

Is changing your IP address secure?

Yes, changing your IP address is entirely lawful and secure. Hence, many online users use this process to protect their privacy and boost their online security.


The “MI” stands for Mobile Internet and can also be signifying ” Mission Impossible” because during its initial days, it faced formidable challenges, and now where it stands is almost impossible to imagine at that time.

Hope this article was helpful to you. Have a nice day!

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