DHCP lookup failed Error – How to solve it?

dhcp lookup failed

Does your internet connection always disappoint you? Does the message ‘DHCP lookup failed’ always pop up? That is what today’s article is all about. We will explain to you everything you need to know about DHCP and its errors. The Internet is quite complicated. It can abandon you with errors that leave you flabbergasted. But today, we aim to abolish a very prominent one. But before we move forward to troubleshoot the error, let’s see what DHCP is. Of course, you will skip to the central part. We recommend that you read everything. Networking knowledge is crucial in today’s tech-savvy world.

DHCP: The IP Address Bank

Many of the networking protocols are challenging for a layman to understand. Such is not the case with DHCP, though. Here we will break down what exactly it does. We will also give an introduction to the DHCP error.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is an extremely fundamental protocol for the Internet. It works on the application layer and automates the network configuration process of hosts. With DHCP, a computer queries a DHCP server when it connects to a network. That way, it receives all the network configuration in one go. The basic essential components of the configuration are IP, Subnet ID, Gateway, and DNS. Hence, when you receive a DHCP lookup failed message, one of these components has not been configured. 

DHCP sets aside a range of IP addresses for the client devices. That ensures that every device can obtain an IP when they need it. Further, it resolves the problem of keeping a list of every device and its corresponding IP. That’s because DHCP randomly assigns IP now. That is the main reason behind the DHCP errors are generally due to IP.

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DHCP Lookup Failed! | A complete Introduction And Solution

The DHCP error is a very common but irritating error that pops up. The following guide will abolish all your worries. We will get you back in charge of your network. 

DHCP Server
DHCP Server

As we said before, ‘DHCP lookup failed’ occurs because of IP. How, you might ask? Well, it is simple. DHCP failed to provide an IP to your device. Since an IP is crucial to accessing the Internet, naturally, an error occurs. 

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Why Does DHCP Fail To Provide IP? 

Yes, it is a significant part of DHCP’s job. But not the ‘only’ job. Usually, the error occurs because of some misunderstanding. The DHCP server remains silent to IP requests from a client. Why? The client requests an IP that provides a subnet different from the subnet that the network offers. The device thinks the subnet it is requesting is from the same network, but it is not. And so, the DHCP cannot provide such an IP. Hence, it remains silent. It assumes that a second DHCP server is providing that subnet ID. 


The above is the main reason behind ‘DHCP lookup failed.’

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The Vital Part || Sure Shot Solution To The DHCP Lookup Failed Error

Let us get into the main reason you are here today. Here we will provide a comprehensive tutorial to solve the ‘DHCP lookup failed’ error permanently. Go through the following steps to get a non interrupting internet connection. 

Make sure your router is up and running. 

  • The first check you should see is to ensure you have all firmware updated.
  • Everything like WMM/QoS, WPS, as well as TKIP is best turned off. These advanced configurations have no use in home networks.
  • Next, your router security works best as WPA2-PSK. Using just WPA is a BIG mistake.
  • Look for firewall configurations in the router’s admin panel. It might be restricting the connection. That is a common source of the error.
  • Your router should also avoid SSID hiding. Sometimes it can leave devices bamboozled. 
  • Try to turn off all wireless connections before trying again. That includes NFC, Bluetooth, etc.

Try to alter the above settings one by one. That will help you find an actual error in the settings. Make sure that you change them correctly and not do anything worse.

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The DHCP Lookup Failed Error: Reasons 

  • You might be using a device designed to work only on particular networks. Many companies provide laptops that work only on the company network. So, if you have such an issue, you have to talk to the IT specialist in the company. It could be against company policy to use devices away from the office.
  • You can also try to alter the settings. We have a great article on just that issue. Be sure to check it out!
  • Another reason for this error is that you are in a different country. Many devices work only using the particular router’s frequency. That frequency varies from country to country. So, if you are traveling, you may experience that error.

In such cases, it is best to take professional help. This error is a very delicate error. The average person may find it difficult to resolve it. 

DHCP lookup failed
DHCP lookup failed

If you still can not connect to the Internet, your best option is to replace it. Visit the store you bought it from again, they possibly handed you a dud piece.

Last words

We hope that your DHCP lookup failed error does not annoy you anymore. DHCP is an essential aspect of networking. It is crucial to learn these tit-bits so that you can make an informed decision. We believe everyone should have a basic understanding of networking. That will help you in taking good care of your devices. Plus, you will also know where to go for the best help. 

That’s it from us today. If you still have any queries that we can solve, please drop a message in the comments section.


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