The IP address “” is mainly reserved for wireless routers or modems. IP address stands for Internet Protocol; it is like the identity card of your device and the network through which your computer is connected to the Internet. The information transmitted via the Internet is facilitated through these IP addresses only.

Generally, most people are never aware of their IP address because it never bothers with day-to-day activities until and unless a need occurs. An IP address is used during the router setting, which expert technicians mainly perform so laypeople would never know their IP address.

You will need the IP address when you would like to make specific changes, such as the WiFi name or WiFi password or adding parental control.

How To Login To The IP address

Let’s look at the steps to log in using the IP address.

  1. Get a device that you can connect to the Internet. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, anything will do the work.
  2. Connect to the Internet and then open any browser. There is no hard and fast rule about the browser, but ensure it is up to date.
  3. After you have opened the browser, type the IP address in the search box, or you may even directly input address
  4. Once you have typed the IP address, you will be directly redirected to the login page to view the option to log in.

Then, provide the username details and passwords in the boxes mentioned above and enter. You will be able to access the admin page when you log in.

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What If You Forget Your Password?

If the username and password combination match and you have typed in the correct information, you can log in, or it will show an error. If you forget your password or username while logging into the IP address, there is a simple way to log in to your router.

Reset your router. To reset the router, press the reset button and hold for 20 seconds. This will reset the router back to its default settings. router reset

Resetting will undo any changes made to the router; thus, all changes to the username and password will return to the default. Then, search for the default username and password. Usually, it is mentioned on the router; search for the router’s base, and you should find the default username and password.

Once you find it, type in the username and password correctly and then you can log in using the IP address. To log in to the Arris router similarly, click here.

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How To Tackle Common Router Errors?

Let’s look at some common router errors while logging into the IP address and how to troubleshoot the errors.

When Your Router Is Unable To Connect To The Internet

If you recently changed your router, you may face this issue. Sometimes, the modem may store some old information from your old router; thus, you may encounter issues connecting to the Internet. To tackle this problem, switch off the modem and the router and unplug every cable connected to the router.

unable to connect to wifi

Disconnect it for at least a minute, then plug back the lines. Then, please switch it on and make sure everything is working correctly. Doing this will erase any old information stored from the previous router. Now, you should be able to connect to the Internet with ease.

When You Are Unable To Find Your Wireless Network’s Name On The Available Networks

If you face such a situation when suddenly you cannot find your SSID, open the control panel and select Network and Internet. After that, click on Network and Sharing Center. After that, click on Manage Wireless Network. If you see your wireless network over there, right-click its icon, then open properties. If you don’t find your network there, you can add it manually by clicking “Add” and then “manually connect to a wireless network.” In case you also want to know about Pathping, then click here.

When Your Connection Is Dropping Now And Then

This is a common problem with spitters. The easiest solution is to replace three sitters with two sitters when you don’t use the third connection. You can even try replacing a -7dB splitter with a -3.5 dB splitter.

Remove Any Obstacles

Sometimes, even basic things, such as a mirror or glass, get between the network and disturb the connection. Check whether it is happening at almost every location or a specific area.


Also, check whether all the devices are facing the same issue or any one machine in particular. If it happens only with one device, try updating the firmware for its wireless client adapter.

When You Can’t Connect Your New Device With The Router

Sometimes, you might have a steady and fast connection on other devices, but you might not be able to use the Internet on a new appliance. First, check whether the device can connect to other networks in such a case. If you use a dual-band router, connect it to the correct wireless signal.

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List of Popular Brands using as their Login IP

A rundown of popular brands using as their Login IP

  • Sweex MO251V2 DSL Wireless Routersweex

Default username: sweet

Default password: My sweet

  • Sweex MO251sweex

Default username: sweet

Default password: My sweet


What should I do if I need help remembering the unique login information for through HTTPS?

If you lose your unique login information or need help remembering, a factory reset of your router is an option. However, it will restore the settings, including the login and password, to their initial state. For reset instructions, consult the device's handbook.

Can provide remote management using HTTPS?

Yes. You can access your device's admin interface outside your local network by enabling remote management. Hence, you can use it only under highly rigorous security conditions, even though it can be helpful in remote troubleshooting.

Is it necessary to restart the device after making changes to its settings?

Yes. Some configuration adjustments require a device restart to take effect. Hence, consult the device's manual or settings page to learn whether a restart is necessary.

Can I access the admin interface at using any HTTPS web browser?

Most often, any current web browser that supports HTTPS can access it. However, to ensure the best compatibility, make sure your browser is current.


Routers are unique because they have two IP addresses. They have a public IP address like and a private IP address. It may even come as a question: if routers have unique IP addresses, how many use the same IP address? The answer is the same: the public IP addresses such as are the addresses of a Local Area Network. We all have unique addresses of our homes in simple words, but we share a standard lesson, such as our colony and the area pin code. Public IP addresses function in pretty much the same way. 

To make fundamental changes to your router, knowing the IP address of the router is a must. And thus, having a little knowledge is always better.

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