Let’s start at the top! What is an IP address exactly? The IP address plays a crucial role in the internet world. It is an internet protocol address that is connected to each device that has access to the internet. That means your computers, laptops, or handsets will indeed have an IP address. The IP address has established communication from one device to another.
Now let us know about what is

This is a default IP address number set by the company’s manufacturer for the home broadband routers, SMC (System management controller), and Belkin models. However, this can be changed by the consumer after buying.

Talking about the Belkin models, it is a US-based company that manufactures networking devices. Belkin International is the head brand, associated with many sub-brands like Belkin and Linksys.

Check out how to log in with different IP Addresses:

Introduction To

Amongst crores of IP addresses, around is one of them. It is a private IP address used for schools and many commercial places. After entering this IP address of yours in your URL browser (say UC browser), you have complete access to log in to your admin page/panel.


During this process, you should be utterly careful when entering If you type this wrong, you cannot log in to the board. After doing this, you will receive a pop-up asking you to fill in the login information.

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Learn How To log in to the IP address.

The first and foremost thing while logging in is to be alert while putting up the address in the address bar. This login will give you access to your home broadband router. Hence, after carefully entering the correct IP address, you will be asked to fill in the information like password and username, which is your login ID. This is another crucial step you are supposed to do.

log in

Moving forward, after doing this, you will find yourself entering the access of your IP address. Having been accessible to your router, you can make various required changes and glance at menus. So, this is how you can log in to the IP address.
Note: You might encounter cases where you have an eruption in the network, and your router is disconnected. In such cases, you need to refresh your webpage. And there you are, ready for the next step.

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What To Do If You Forget The Router’s Username And Password?

Firstly, you should know that if you forget the router’s username and password with as the IP Address, you can retrieve it. You can indeed reset it back to default. While resetting the username and password, ensure it remains in your remembrance to avoid such happenings. You can set your router on default settings and visit the default settings to know the password. Another central part is the behind button of the router.

ways to get your forgotten password back

You are keeping it pressed until the router restarts will help you regain your lost information. But it is essential to see that you don’t detach your touch from the media, or else it won’t work. To better understand the IP Address, you have references to your router’s manual. You will find precise information about the steps to follow if you forget the username and password.

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How To Troubleshoot Router Errors?

There are copious ways through which you can troubleshoot the router errors. A few of them are as follows:

  • You should ensure all the connections are in a good position, from the router to the modem.
  • You can, anytime, as always, contact your router customer care; they will acknowledge your issue and devise a permanent solution.
  • Give it a try by going to a new browser and deleting all the catches, as those are the trash files of the device.
    These options can actively help you with your issue. It would be helpful to know which problems can be solved in which way. This way, you can develop better solutions for your router problems with as the IP Address.

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List Of Popular Router Brands That Use As A Default IP Address

  • SMC networks
  • Tedha
  • Belkin
  • Airlink 101
  • Edimax produces routers.troubleshoot errors

These brands have been using as a default IP address for a long time. The few famous router brands mentioned above use as their default IP address. Not only these, but there are also a few more, like Microsoft, Trendnet, U.S robotics, and Zyxel.

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What is my router login?

The login details that you or your internet service provider choose to serve as the standard login information for your router. Consult your router's manual, seek a sticker on the device, or contact your ISP to access them.

Can an IP be blocked?

Yes, you can block an IP address websites or network administrators use to impede access. It is frequently done for security purposes to stop malicious or unauthorized behaviour. Depending on the setting and purpose of the IP blocking, it may be temporary or permanent.

Can we delete the IP address?

Since IP addresses are necessary for data to be routed across the internet, you cannot delete them. However, ISPs' dynamically given IP addresses are subject to change over time. You can release and renew your local device's IP address to alter it. Still, a new one will be sent to it by the server.

Why is my IP address restricted?

Due to security issues, policy violations, spamming, resource misuse, or legal problems, your IP address may be limited. This limitation aids in maintaining network security and guards against harmful activity. To fix it, get clarification from the appropriate network or website administrator.


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I hope this clears all your doubts and queries regarding, IP addresses, router issues, password recovery, etc.

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