Today we are going to be dealing with yet another very famous server, that is It is related to the router and an address that you need access to while re-configuring the router. We shall learn about routers, servers, the process to log into the address(, the requirements, things that may cause related problems, and similar links.

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All About Routers 

Routers control the trafficking and send data packets. Many times the requirement of changing the default functions of the router arises. Generally, in the case of webcams, the router requires a  configuration like a computer that requires the user to log in from the administrator’s account to make any changes. Likewise, the router also has an admin panel page. The IP address, takes the user to that admin panel. Without this, no changes can be made in the default settings of the router.

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Having understood about the router, we must know what this server is and why it cannot be accessed like other servers. So, is an IP address, as already stated. One of the very famous IP addresses. It is renowned because it takes the user to the login page for accessing the admin panel of the router. An IP address is unique for each device. We will get to the history part of it. The devices accessing the internet started growing at a rate that was almost like a forest fire – very quick.

Managing Devices

To help manage these devices, a solution was given. This solution was IP addresses. These are numeric, and they make it possible to identify the host of networks. This is like a firewall protecting against cybercrime. Further, IP addresses were divided into two, so things could work more efficiently. On the one hand, there are public IP addresses that can be accessed by anyone and do not have strict regulations. On the other hand, there are private IP addresses that follow a strict protocol and do not have easy access. is one of the most prestigious private IP addresses.

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We must know some specifics of Like the network class is ‘C,’ and the version of the protocol is IPv4 or Internet Protocol version 4. These versions do not need to be registered.
Even if we are sure that our router works on this server, it never hurts to recheck the facts. We will begin the process of login by verifying the IP address of the device that we are using. In most cases, typing “My IP Address” in any of the search engines, say Google will display it.

In Other Cases, Follow These Steps

  • Click the start button given on the bottom left of the screen.
  • In the search bar that is there to look for files, type “cmd” and press enter. It should be typed without quotations.
  • The results will show a command prompt option. This option is for cmd. Select that option.
  • After selecting the cmd option, a new window appears. Now, type “ipconfig” in the box given. Do not write letters with quotations.
  • After typing the message, press Enter to execute the given command.
  • The page that follows shows the result. The Default Gateway option appears.
  • The number written next to the default gateway should attract attention. This number is the IP you are looking for.
  • Copy this address. Noting it down will also do. We will require this later.

Follow The Steps Given Below

Now, we shall go the page of IP address- To do this, begin by opening a browser, say Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Type – there. As alternate methods, either you can also copy this and paste it there or click on this.
The page that loads will be the login page. The page asks for login details. These details require only the username and the password. Mostly the default username and password are enough unless they have been changed earlier. The usernames can vary between admin and administrator. Several passwords can be tried with them. These passwords include admin, password, 1234, 0000, and abcd. In case all the given combinations do not work, and the password has not been changed earlier. Visit the database of usernames and passwords for the router.

Once login is complete, the option to modify the settings of the router is permitted. This is because it is the admin page for the router. The necessary modifications can be made here. When the changes are made, click on apply. After clicking apply the modifications start functioning.
This process does not only work in case of routers, but the method also remains the same in case of modems too. Talking of IP addresses, the purpose remains the same for accessing many similar IP addresses like and

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Let Me Eliminate The Common Queries Regarding

Here I have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Do We Require The Internet?

Many people assume that we will require an internet connection in this process. It is a misconception. This is false. Having the right IP address is a concern. If the page with which we are trying to connect is valid, it will only require a working and well-connected router.

Common Queries Regarding
Common Queries Regarding

What Should I Do If I Forget My Password?

Forgetting passwords is common among all of us. In the case of routers forgetting passwords mean reset. Resetting the router brings it back to all its default settings. This default setting also means a default username and password. Just like formatting, cell phones bring them to their default functioning. Resetting also works for modems.

Is Having An Ethernet Cable Necessary?

Ethernet cables provide connectionless operation. Sometimes, the routers require an extra physical medium to allow the user to connect to the admin panel IP address, in our case, Connecting the router to this cable is an immediate and easy solution.

In our busy lives, it is essential to know these little techie things. They make life function smoothly. Knowing these things saves our pockets from the dents it may face if we call technicians. We make sure we provide you with the best solutions. Keep visiting us for similar content.

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