An IP Address (or Internet Protocol Address) is analogous to the address of our house. If we were to send a letter to a friend through the postal service, we would require their house address. An IP address is used in the same way. It acts as a unique identification for any device connected to the internet and allows the different devices on the internet to send and receive data.

In this article, you will learn about the IP address as well as the norms related to it.

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Types Of IP Addressestypes of ip address

IP addresses are of two types: IP Version 4 (IPv4) and IP Version 6 (IPv6). All devices with IP addresses used the IPv4 address, but many are starting to use the new IPv6 system. Both these types are:

  • In IPv4, 32 binary bits are used to create a unique address for a device on the internet. Thus, each set represents an 8-bit number ranging from (0-255). This address is expressed by four digits, which are separated by dots. For example
  • In IPv6, 128 binary bits are used to create a unique address for a device on the internet. It is written as a set of eight hexadecimal numbers separated by colons. For example 2001:cdba:0000:0000:0000:0000:3257:9652

About IP Address

The IP address, which ranges from to, falls within the Class C range of IP addresses. This IP address is a unique and individual IPv4 address from the list of private addresses within Class C. The lessons which use 192.168.X.X belong to this class and are confidential. Here, a personal IP address contrasts with a public IP address because it can be used within a home or business network. Sometimes, private IP addresses are also referred to as local IP addresses. ip address

The IP is not a conventional choice when considering default gateways. Manufacturers prefer to use other addresses as they are more popular. Still, manufacturers like D-Link and Cell Vision prefer to use this address for their wireless cameras. 

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How Do Login Into

To login into this IP address, we follow the given procedure:

  1. In the first step, connect the router to your computer, laptop, smartphone, or any other such device using a wired or wireless connection. Ensure that you limit the connection. Once connected, a small light within the router starts blinking, indicating a successful relationship.
  2. In the second step, open any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. In the browser’s address bar, write and press Enter. The router admin panel will open up on your screen. 

Note: The IP address without the dots is just a number, so be careful and always type the correct IP address in your browser. Don’t type 192.168,1.20 |192.168,1,20 |192.168.1,20 |192.168 1 20 |192168.1 20 192168120 or 192.168.120 as they are the wrong ways of writing an IP address.


  1. Enter the username and the password of your router to log in.
  2. Once you have successfully logged in, you can configure the router’s settings.

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If you have connectivity issues, please ensure the IP address is valid. To log in, you must type the correct IP address in the browser window.

Note: Understand tDonumber’ ‘t0’ for the lowercase letter ‘o’ or the nu’o’r ‘1’ with ‘h’ letter ‘l’. ‘o’, e.g., 192.168 l 20, 192.168.l.20, HTTPS//192.168.l.20 and 192.168.l.l20 are the wrong ways to access this IP address, and your browser will display an error.

Also, check out other common IP address login processes:

What If You Forget Username And Password?

It is common for people to forget the router’s username and password.

reset password

But the router admin panel can still be accessed by following the given simple steps:

  • If you don’t remember your username and password and have never changed them, you can find it written on the label on the router, along with its serial number and login address. 
  • If you have changed the username and password and forgot it, you can reset your router to its original settings to access the router rtsp://admin:admin@ panel. All ADSL modems and wireless routers have a reset button. To reset your router, unplug the power from the router, then find the reset button pinhole. Using a toothpick or paperclip, press and hold the button for 30-60 seconds. Afterwards, reset the router. Now, you can use the default username and password on the label to access the router admin panel.

List Of Routers Using IP Address

A list of devices and routers which use as their default IP address are as follows:

router brands

  1. D-Link DCS-936L camera
  2. Dlink DCS-930L
  3. Dlink DCS-950
  4. Dlink DCS-950G
  5. Dlink DCS-G900
  6. TRENDnet TV-IP100v2
  7. TRENDnet TV-IP100v3
  8. TRENDnet TV-IP100W-Nv3
  9. TRENDnet TV-IP100Wv3
  10. TRENDnet TV-IP200v2

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How To Troubleshoot Errors?

Commonly, the IP address is used to troubleshoot network connectivity issues.

troubleshoot router errors

Proper Placement Of The Routerrouter placement

Put the router in an ideal place. You must ensure that it is not behind walls or curtains. Moreover, the cables are correctly connected, and the wireless router signal is available.

Going Through The User Manual Of The Router

Go through trouter’sr’s user manual and follow the instructions in the installation guide.

Search For Good Wireless Channel And Check The Frequency Band

Frequency is essential for proper wireless channels to function. Often, the selected tracks do not give the best signals. Thus, you must ensure that your drain is not interfering with a person’s channels in the locality. You can also try switching fa rom 2.5anda  to a 5GHz frequency band for better results.

Resetting The RouIf the router still lacks an internet connection; you can try rebooting it. If the problem still exists, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


How do I rejoin a lost WiFi network?

Usually, any/all networks will appear if you restart the router and your device before attempting to connect to WiFi. To reconnect to WiFi, you do need to know the password. Beyond that, you may enter the router's panel, create new details, and carry on.

Can I update my WiFi?

Yes. Enter your login details and the router's IP address into your web browser to upgrade the firmware. Then, locate the Firmware or Update section and download the most recent firmware update from the router's manufacturer's website. Restart the router after uploading the update.

Is public WiFi safe to use?

Public WiFi networks help retain connectivity when travelling but frequently pose security hazards. It varies on usage whether or not using public WiFi is safe.

Do I need drivers for my WiFi adapter?

Yes, most WiFi adapters need drivers to work correctly. Typically, the manufacturer's website or an installation CD included with the adapter are the places to find these drivers.


The IP and your router bet as a gateway to your network. It would be best if you protected it from burglars. Although it is very convenient to use the default password and username, by doing so, you also compromise your security and can be an easy target for cybercriminals. Therefore, being aware of this knowledge, you can easily protect your router and yourself without any issues.

See Also: Admin Login, Password, and IP [Complete Guide]

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