The one topic we will discuss is this queer and curious sequence of numbers, which you can recognize as IP addresses. is an IP address, thereby categorizing it as a private one. Hence, before proceeding with, let us get on the same page regarding a few concepts. We just encountered the term, Private address. Do you know what they are?

ip address

Well, for starters, IP addresses are of two types. The public ones are conventional ones and the most commonly used. They can’t be the same for more than one person. On the other hand, private IPs are less commonly used, mainly by people for their organizations, for personal supervision purposes, and hence the name. No authorized sanction from higher authorities is required.

Suppose you and the people living next to you have the same addresses, but they won’t cause any impediments whatsoever, for you guys have your private networks.

Diving Into And All Concerning It

Getting back to our star of the show, comes under the C-class of IP addresses, which starts from 192 and goes on to 223.

Another thing to remember carefully is that it is a private type of address; it does not aid in using the internet unrestrictedly. What do you do then?

Getting a proxy as an intermediary is what you can do. That way, you can freely access the vast internet as if using an ordinary IP address. is included in the IPv4 addresses, which are of the same octet format, just like the one we have here. The question you should now be asking is, what are the uses of these? 

As I said, it is an IPv4 type of address, meaning you can’t do it just like that whether you want to change the basic or high-end settings of the router. It’s no walk in the park. Moving close to play with the settings is essential if altering the address. 

If you know all this but have no idea how to do it, You are in the right place because I will tell you about it shortly.

The Guide To Altering

So, to make any settings to your router device, you have to get entry to where it hosts everything. The way to do that is by signing into your account.

Allow me to walk you through the entire process:

  1. Ensure the proper connection in advance to avoid any mistakes. Check that you are getting adequate speed. It is a pre-requisite before you try to get anywhere near the portal.
  2. The next step prompts you to establish a connection between both parties involved: the router and the computer. Having completed it now, find the option or the button that allows you to access the panel. It will have the same written on it.

Alternatively, you can type in the browser’s bar, where you do all the searches. It will take you to the same page as the above step.

  • Hit the button/option when you find it. It will bring you through to another page. This one will prompt you to fill in your credentials. Do it, click the enter key, and you will see categories and menus filled to the top with the settings. 

You can go through all these, pick the one that needs alteration, and perform the much-needed modifications.

The “What-Ifs”

We should discuss a couple of things now that we have a major one out of the way. Don’t we always keep on forgetting things?

We tend to forget passwords quite frequently. Be it social media passwords or the ones used to open your computer. So what if you want to change your router’s settings, aiding You reach that page where it prompts you to type in the details, but cannot recall the pass key. 

Any hint, what will you do? No? I can solve this for you.

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Dealing With The Password Problem

One alternative is that you can use the default details. For the times when you can’t remember those, you can get help from the guidebook that comes along with the hardware.

Check the back of the router for details. Keep a pen and a paper pad handy to jot down the necessary information. No matter what you do, the good old reset is the last resort if things don’t work out.

There is a tiny dot-like button at the backside of your hardware. Hold pressure on it for a while. To make it accessible and more comfortable, use a thin object to get close. Leave it and wait while it restarts.

resetting method

You can use default credentials after it is back to its usual settings. However, factory resetting gets all the previously performed locations undone, uncommitted, and washed away. So, decide the timeline of your actions.

Want To Figure Out What Your Correct IP Is?

As sometimes happens, you will get an error when you enter to hop to the portal residing in the settings. That indicates that you are using the wrong one. Can we figure out the right one?

I can’t see why not.

See the search bar on the home screen of your PC. On that, type “cd” without the quotes. A resultant black screen will pop open. Therein, type ipconfig. Hit enter after that.

Of all the addresses you encounter appearing on the screen, notice the one it says is the default gateway. Yes? That is one of the valuable techniques.

You can do it yourself right by jotting it down.

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Can an IP address change?

Yes, IP addresses can vary, particularly when dynamic IP addressing is used. Allocate a different IP address whenever a device connects, or administrators may manually change it.

What function does subnetting serve in IP addressing?

Divide a bigger IP network into more manageable, smaller subnetworks using subnetting. It supports effective IP address management and network performance optimization.

How to give an IP address to a device?

Use both methods, statically and dynamically, to assign IP addresses. While you can obtain dynamic addresses from a DHCP server, establish static addresses that are explicitly on the device.

Can I see the Wi-Fi password?

Yes. Click Network and Internet Sharing Center after launching the Control Panel. Now, click Wireless Properties after clicking the network name you are logging in. Click Security in the Wireless Network Properties window. You can view the password right now.


There, I have, in the simplest way possible, described the whole “IP address setting up, login and password recovery” process. If you stick to what I told you, I don’t see how you’ll have trouble.

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